May 7th, 2024

918 Bathurst

Doors: 7:30pm |Show Starts: 8:00pm

Tickets: General $25,PWYCA $10 +, Music Gallery Members $10

ChamberDestroy is co-produced by The Music Gallery and connects contemporary music ensembles from two of Canada's largest cultural centres with one common artistic goal. Ensemble Paramirabo-EP (Montreal) and Thin Edge New Music Collective - TENMC (Tkarón:to/Toronto) reunite on the heels of a highly successful joint touring/recording project (2015 and 2018), to premiere Nicole Lizée's ChamberVania (AKA ChamberDestroy, FKA ChamberKill) for double sextet, soundtrack and video and Datura for double sextet and video by Yaz Lancaster (USA) alongside, Louis Andriessen’s seminal Workers Union and Julius Eastman’s Joy Boy for unspecified ensemble.

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ChamberDestroy is made possible with generous support from The Music Gallery, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council. 

Thin Edge New Music Collective’s digital multimedia series “Soundbites” has been several years in the making and includes three different music videos highlighting the works of composers Linda Catlin SmithCarolyn Chen, and Jessie Cox  with videography by Ella Morton, Triple Pointe Media (Stelth Ng), and Soundstill Production (Tim O'Reilly)  and performances by TENMC musicians. 

First in the series is a music video to accompany TENMC’s recording of “Wanderer” by Linda Catlin Smith (Redshift Records). Linda notes she “called this work Wanderer because of its unhurried and meandering nature, its melodies that move circuitously, like fog or smoke drifting through the landscape.” She compares wandering to composing, stating “the exploration of new material is like ambling through strange terrain, in and out of cul-de-sacs, discovering possible paths.” 

The music video captures this meandering essence with the compelling and singular landscapes of the Faroe Islands. Directed by Ella Morton and filmed in August, 2023, it is entirely shot on 16mm film. A significant portion of the footage was treated with mordançage, Morton notes the “copper-based bleach lifts the emulsion off the film to create unique textures, blisters and veils”, lending to the distinct surreal quality of many shots. “My goal” Ella states, “in using this process is to capture the transcendent and fragile qualitie of this unique landscape.” Making a greater commentary on the environment, she adds “the ways in which the images melt and degrade highlight the spiritual power of the natural environment and also lament its irreversible change as the planet warms”. Using art as a tool to raise awareness, Ella sees herself as a “poetic activist” within her filmmaking practice, “articulating the profundity of our relationship with the land, and the emotional complexity of its change and loss as global warming unfolds.”

Our second release in the Soundbites Series, is “Pipe” (2004 rev, 2010) for solo flute by Carolyn Chen. Performed by Terry Lim with video direction by Stelth Ng,  “Pipe” was written in response to the rise in reported incidences of hate crimes after the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act in 2001. Chen's compelling and powerful work patches together musical materials with excerpts derived from the first line of the US national anthem. Discussing the filming process, Stelth remarked “This production was really special for me to direct and shoot. When I first heard the music and saw the musical score, I knew this was going to be a unique and powerful experience. With Terry on the flute, and Carolyn's wonderful compositional ideas coming to life together, I envisioned a more abstract, yet darker energy in play when we lit and shot this video.” 

“The Masked Hole/Whole,” is the final music video in our Soundbites series. Composed by Jessie Cox, the video was directed by Tim O'Reilly of Soundstil Production Inc. and features performances by Nathan Petitpas (percussion), Ilana Waniuk (violin), and Justin Massey (live electronics). “The Masked Hole/Whole” explores themes of reality and perception, inspired by qoutes from Fred Moten and Slavoj Zizek about the complexities of the signifier and universality. 

“The Masked Hole/Whole” VIDEO RELEASE Out Now!