The Music Gallery, Toronto’s Centre for Creative Music, presents the fifteenth edition of the internationally acclaimed X Avant New Music Festival from October 1 to 18, 2020.  

All shows will be available to stream online and will be a mix of on and off-site concerts produced by the Music Gallery; (still) located at 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media and Education.  


Highlights include:  

Abstract punk ensemble OK Miss featuring 2017 Pulitzer Prize winner Du Yun  

Word/sound/power from 2020 Griffin Poetry Prize winner Kaie Kellough with Jason Sharp  

Alanna Stuart (Bonjay) gathers Jamaican-Canadian artists and supporters of different eras in discussion around a community meal.  

Performance from Toronto's own "Groove-Based Indie Jazz" star, Tara Kannangara.  

Toronto's foremost contemporary ensemble, Thin Edge New Music Collective  

Interview with Toronto Black music historian emeritus, Norman "Otis" Richmond  

Nishnaabeg singer songwriter Leanne Betasamosake Simpson and avant-jazz explorer Mingjia livestreamed from the Music Gallery 


Click here for more info on the festival 

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Thin Edge New Music Collective + Tara Kannangara 

October 4th, 2020 

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Opening for Thin Edge is JUNO-nominated artist, Tara Kannangara who meshes Pop, Electronic/Synth music, Jazz, and Alternative, into a singular voice that is captivating audiences all over North America.Tara has melded everything she’s learned into genre-bending music that will make you cry, dance, smile and feel everything in between.  

Growing up in Chilliwack, BC, she studied classical piano and voice from an early age. She then serendipitously picked up the trumpet in high school at first focusing on classical before moving into Jazz and other genres. Tara studied at the University of Victoria for classical trumpet and vocals but later moved to Toronto to pursue music at the University of Toronto where she came into her own as a performer and songwriter. 


Thin Edge Programme:  

Anahita Abbasi – “Sirventès” (2017) – for cello and percussion  
Leila Adu-Gilmore – “Colour Wheel” (2013) – solo piano 
Lieke Van Der Voort – “IAMTHERIBCAGE” (2018) for solo percussion and electronics 
Franghiz Ali-Zadeh – “Habil Sayagy” (1979) for cello and prepared piano 

TENMC Performers: 

Amahl Arulanandam - cello 

Cheryl Duvall - piano 

Nathan Petitpas - percussion


Anahita Abbasi – “Sirventès” (2017) – for cello and percussion

“The piece Sirventès is drawn from both the original meaning of Sirventès and the story telling tradition in Iran. (نقالی) 

[Sirventès  in langue d'oil , is a poem character satirical , political or moral that sang in Occitan language (south of France). These satires, which were usually divided into a definite number of verses comprising a perfect meaning and arranged in a particular way which is observed throughout the poem. They were also intended to be sung like other poems, with themes on nobility , clergy , the Holy See itself, in general persons, events, manners.

Sirventès is in some form very similar to the story telling tradition in the old Persia (current Iran). Iranian narration or Iranian myth-telling (نقالی) is the oldest form of myth-telling in Iran and has long played an important role in society. A narrator is someone who tells an epic narration and the content of his narrations is more about the story of the kings and heroes of Iran.]

In this piece, the composer (the storyteller) demonstrates a story inspired by the above mentioned origins and characteristics. It is an illustration of a ritual and the dialogues between the two characters. With the repetitions and patterns, the bell ring and the use of frame drum, the piece unfolds its’  abstract poem form, to an intimate dialogue exploring the idea of touch.” -  Anahita Abbasi


Anahita Abbasi is an Iranian born, San Diego based composer and curator. Her music has been described as “a dizzyingly sophisticated reverie - colorful and energetic” (The guardian). “This theatrical listening experience” “embodies tremendous timbral exploration and multilayered performance gestures” (de Volkskrant & Classical Voice America). She received commissions by distinguished musicians around the world, such as M. Esfahani, S. Schick, R. Heller, International Contemporary Ensemble, Mivos Quartet, Ensemble Modern, Tak Ensemble and has been programmed at numerous venues and festivals, such as Mostly Mozart Festival, Kennedy Center, Lincoln center, Southbank Centre,  Darmstadt Ferienkurse, Tectonics, Niefnorf, Akademie der Künste Berlin, Klangspuren, IRCAM, Klang Festival, Experimental studio des SWR, BIFEM and many others. Ms. Abbasi received several awards, including a work-scholarship from the Experimentalstudio des SWR, Freiburg (2014), a Morton Gold ASCAP young composers award (2015), a nomination for “women composers of our time” alongside K. Saariaho and I. Mundry (2017) and the composition prize of the Acht Brücken Festival (2019). She is a founding member of Schallfeld Ensemble (Austria), as well as a curator and co-artistic director of IFCA, Iranian Female Composers Association (US.) Ms. Abbasi holds a degree from the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria, and she is currently completing her PhD in composition at the University of California, San Diego.

Leila Adu-Gilmore – “Colour Wheel” (2013) – solo piano

I Headbangingly

II Clear Stream

III Rags

IV Devil-May-Care

V Mirage

VI Woods

VII Danse

VIII Hope and Fear

Dedicated to Jenny McLeod

“Between 1988 and 2011, Jenny McLeod wrote twenty-four “Tone Clock Pieces” for piano in several volumes; the pieces are varied, jewel-like and fluid… I fell in love with Tone Clock piece II and pianist, Kate Campbell and I decided that III would be a nice complement to tonight’s program.

I responded to Jenny McLeod’s music because I came across her music and her expansions on tone clock theory many years ago; the audibility of "tone clock theory” struck me. In his article, “Crystalline Aphorisms: commentary and analysis of Jenny McLeod's Tone Clock Pieces I–VII", Mike Norris lucidly explains:

“Given the poise and refinement of McLeod’s writing, as well as the somewhat unusual fact that the theory itself is explicitly contained in the title of the collection, the Tone Clock Pieces have become important exemplars for composers, musicologists and educators in Australasia. Tone-clock theory is, at heart, an attempt to develop a systematic approach to chromatic composition... In total there are 220 set classes in Forte’s theory, including 12 three-note classes (trichords). Peter Schat discovered that of these 12 trichords, 11 can be transposed and/or inverted in such a way that every note of the chromatic scale is generated once and once only. After exploring Schat’s ideas, McLeod discovered this property in other-sized set classes as well. In fact, she systematically examined every set class in Forte’s list, annotating whether or not it had this property, as well as noting many other transpositional and symmetrical properties that were not included in Forte’s lists of set classes. In addition, she also cross-referenced her findings with other chromatic techniques and theories, notably those of Messiaen, Boulez and Xenakis. This table—her “chromatic map”—is an extremely important, if little-known contribution to chromatic musical theory.”  

(Canzona 2006, Composers Association of New Zealand)

I wanted to create each piece in such a way that I could focus and hear the qualities of each “hour” (organized collection of intervals) to pragmatically get my hands stuck into a theory that seemed overarchingly huge. I used Jenny McLeod’s “Tone Clock Theory Expanded: Chromatic Maps I & II” (SOUNZ: 1994) to “steer” one trichord (and once a tetrachord) with another for each movement — to create full chromatic saturation. I began each next movement with the chord that steered the last; hence, each hour bleeds into the last like a colour wheel. I enjoyed the natural feel of McLeod’s “Tone Clock Pieces” and I played with accelerating and decelerating along with differing fractional note lengths. For the final piece, I went crazy on the advice of Professor Lansky and read my chart diagonally… to make a sonic soup of the first movements. Enjoy!" - Leila Adu-Gilmore

Leila Adu-Gilmore recently produced her fifth album and has performed her songs and improvisations for voice accompanied by piano/organ, solo and with bands, touring to venues and festivals in Europe, Australasia, Indonesia, Russia and the United States. Adu-Gilmore is currently a Ph.D. fellow at Princeton University; since completing a B.Mus. (Hons.) at Victoria University of Wellington (N.Z.) and composing for ensembles including gamelan and orchestra, she has written instrumental and electronic music for film, theater, television documentary and dance.

Lieke Van Der Voort – “IAMTHERIBCAGE” (2018) for solo percussion and electronics

“Based on nightly thoughts and dreams, IAMTHERIBCAGE explores self-sabotage, fear of the self and, ultimately, the fear of fear.”



Inside innards and indigo veins

Sweat on backs, doubt in heads

Slowly dissolving a voice

Becoming a static

Smother and suppress

Thoraxes with bones with marrow

Thought a trusty chaperone

Allow for sorrow trickling,

Seeping impermanence to

Undying safety.

Inhabit a ribcage

Perpetually knowing self

Inhibit a ribcage

Perpetually loathing self










I designed this carrion


Dutch composer and vocalist Lieke van der Voort’s works have been described as having “rare dramatic intensity”, “a strong signature” and “a voice that is important within the new generation of composers” (Neomemoire, 2019). She focuses heavily on improvisation, physical theatrical gesture and vocal use. Lieke frequently uses her own text, confronting the emotional-psychological impact of ongoing social issues. Current pieces include “Endings” (commissioned and premiered by Jumblies Theatre 2018), “center, unrestrained” (PIVOT, Continuum Contemporary Music, 2019), IAMTHERIBCAGE (Thin Edge New Music Collective, 2019), Damage/Visage (Émilie Girard-Charest, 2019) and “Is this a tomb or am I in love” (Women From Space Festival, 2020). She leads and vocalizes in Kontraband Kollektif, an art music collective, with its debut EP “Atropos” having been released in January 2018. 

Lieke was selected as a composer for Toronto Creative Music Lab 2017, Soundstreams Emerging Composer Workshop 2018, PIVOT 2018/19, and participated at Banff’s International Workshop in Jazz and Creative music, where she studied under the guidance of Vijay Iyer, Tyshawn Sorey and Okkyung Lee.

Franghiz Ali-Zadeh – “Habil-Sayagy (In the style of Habil) (1979)” for cello and prepared piano


Franghiz Ali-Zadeh studied piano and composition with Kara Karayev at the Baku Conservatory between 1965 and 1973, whose aspirant she was from 1973 to 1976. Upon completion of her studies she taught music history at the Conservatory in her native city until 1990. Beginning in 1990 she was a professor of contemporary music and history of orchestral styles. Ali-Zadeh has primarily lived in Germany since 1999. As a pianist she has been indefatigably committed to the works of contemporary composers of the former Soviet Union and of the Second Viennese School.

Franghiz Ali-Zadeh’s compositional style moves between the traditional music of her homeland of Azerbaijan and the (at times also experimental) music of the present day. Two forces are at work in her, she once said, and the new results from the contradiction between them. Her style is characterised by a bold synthesis of these two worlds. Ali-Zadeh creates music in which Eastern modal thinking merges with Western constructive elements.

Thin Edge New Music Collective presents:


Sept 20-22 2019 

Tickets: Festival Pass: General $50, Student/Senior/Arts Worker $35

Single Ticket: General $20, Student/Senior/Arts Worker $15


Join us Sept 20-22nd at 918 Bathurst for the opening production of TENMC's IXth season. ONGAKU is a three-day festival and cultural exchange celebrating some of Japan and Canada’s most exciting voices in contemporary and experimental music. TENMC will be joined by visiting guest artists Miyama McQueen-Tokita (bass koto), Ko Ishikawa (shō), Ami Yamasaki (voice) and Akiko Nakayama (’alive painting’), as well as Toronto-based Urbanvessel, featuring Germaine Liu (percussion), Aki Takahashi (shamisen/voice) and Sonja Rainey (projections/installation). ONGAKU showcases world premieres by Canadian composers Hiroki Tsurumoto, Juliet Palmer, and Daryl Jamieson, alongside new works by Japanese composers Yuka Shibuya, Takeo Hoshiya, and the Canadian premiere of compositions by Toshiya Watanabe, Yoshiaki Onishi, Jo Kondo, Malika Kishino, and Miya Masaoka. 


Concert 1: Sept 20, 2019, Doors 7:30pm / Concert 8:00pm • 918 Bathurst


An evening of chamber works by Tōru Takemitsu, Miya Masaoka, and the Canadian premiere of Malika Kishino's 'Qualia' for bass koto and 10-channel electronics. World premieres by Hiroki Tsurumoto, Takeo Hoshiya and Yuka Shibuya. Featuring guest artists Ko Ishikawa (shō), Miyama McQueen-Tokita (bass koto) + Akiko Nakayama ('alive painting'/projections).

Workshop: Sept 21, 2019, 11am-1pm • Canadian Music Centre Chalmers Performance Space • FREE

Join us at the CMC for a free workshop with guest artists Ko Ishikawa and Miyama McQueen-Tokita. Learn about the intricacies of writing for traditional Japanese instruments (shō and bass koto) in a contemporary music setting. Includes a panel discussion with composers Daryl Jamieson, Hiroki Tsurumoto, Yuka Shibuya, and Takeo Hoshiya.

Concert 2: Sept 21, 2019, Doors 7:30pm / Concert 8:00pm • 918 Bathurst

TENMC performs works by Jo Kondo and Yoshiaki Onishi with improvisations by Miyama McQueen-Tokita, followed by a set of creative music by guest artists Ko Ishikawa (shō), Ami Yamasaki (voice), and Akiko Nakayama (‘alive painting’) combining traditional Japanese instruments, extended vocal techniques and stunning visuals.  

Click on the link below for a sneak peak!

 Concert 3: Sept 22, 2019, Doors 7:30pm / Concert 8:00pm • 918 Bathurst

Works by Yuka Shibuya and Toshiya Watanabe (Canadian premiere) alongside the world premieres of large-scale multimedia works “Utamakura 5: Mount Kamakura” by Daryl Jamieson and “Ukiyo, floating world” by Juliet Palmer of Urbanvessel. Featuring guest artist Miyama McQueen-Tokita (bass koto), and Urbanvessel performers Germaine Liu (percussion), ​Aki Takahashi (shamisen/vocalist) with Sonja Rainey (projections/installation).


Guest Artists:

Ko Ishikawa - shō

Ami Yamasaki - voice

Akiko Nakayma - ‘alive painting’/live projections

Miyama McQueen-Tokita - bass koto


TENMC Performers:

Amahl Arulanandam - cello

Suhashini Arulanandam - violin

Cheryl Duvall – piano/co-artistic director

Terry Lim - flutes

Nathan Petitpas - percussion

Anthony Thompson - clarinet

Aysel Taghi-Zada - viola

Ilana Waniuk – violin/co-artistic director



Juliet Palmer - composer/artistic director

Germaine Liu - percussion

Aki Takahashi - shamisen/voice

Sonja Rainey - projections/installation


Lighting Design/Technical Director - Kai Masaoka

Sound Director - Paul Hodge


Performance Dates:

Approximate Run Time: 90 minutes

Friday, Sept 20, 2019 - 8:00pm 

Saturday, Sept 21, 2019 - 8:00pm

Sunday, Sept 22, 2019 - 8:00pm



ONGAKU was presented with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts, The Japan Foundation, Arraymusic, Dream Cymbals, Urbanvessel and the Canadian Music Centre. 

Did you miss Ongaku? Check out some of the photos below and download the full festival program with of composer bios and more! 

Thin Edge New Music Collective Presents: 


 July  18-20, 2019  

Doors 7:30/ Show 8pm 

The Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen St. W, Toronto 

Tickets:General Admission - $35, Students/Seniors/Arts Workers - $25 

Purchase Tickets 

Blurring realities between contemporary music, technology, gaming and theatre, Triptych features the premiere of 3 interdisciplinary works by Remy Siu 蕭逸南, Sabrina Schroeder(composer) + Jenna Harris (playwright/actor), and Peter Hatch’s ‘Triptych’. Twenty years in the making, TENMC will perform the world premiere of the entirety of this monumental three-part chamberwork exploring the theatricality of musical ritual.  

Check out this short teaser of Remy Siu's new work!

Past events

Triptych Credits:

TENMC Musicians:
Anthony Thompson – clarinet
Terry Lim – flute/alto flute
Ilana Waniuk – violin/co-artistic director
Dobrochna Zubek – cello
Nathan Petitpas – percussion
Cheryl Duvall – piano/co-artistic director


Lighting Design/Technical Director – Wes Babcock
Sound Director- John MacLean
Movement Director/choreographer – Jolyane Langlois (with special thanks to Jennifer Dallas)
Stage Manager – Whitney Hewitt


Performance Dates
Approximate Run Time: 90 minutes
Thursday, July 18, 2019 – 8:00pm Opening
Friday, July 19, 2019 – 8:00pm
Saturday, July 20, 2019 – 8:00pm


facebook event

Generously supported by: The Canada Council for the Arts, The Toronto Arts Council, The SOCAN Foundation, Arraymusic, The Steinway Piano Gallery and the Ona Miller Foundation.









Thin Edge New Music Collective, Tiff, and Riparian Acoustics present:




dir. Sarah Hennies | USA 2017 | 50 min. Video

Sarah Hennies’ Contralto has generated a wave of critical praise since its debut at the Brooklyn’s Issue Project Room last year. An experimental documentary designed to be performed with live musical accompaniment, Contralto — which takes its title from the term for the lowest female singing voice — is based on a common practice among transgender women, whereby they learn to change their voices in order to be perceived as “female.” Unlike transgender men, whose voices deepen due to the testosterone prescribed during hormonal therapy, the voices of transgender women remain unchanged by estrogen therapy, and require conscious practice to achieve a higher pitch.

In Contralto, onscreen interviews with and vocal exercises performed by seven transgender women are accompanied by a live score that emphasizes timbre, pitch and tone — qualities of sound that, when found in voices, often signify culturally determined gender cues. Conceived in part as a “protest piece” that challenges the audience to “change their definition of what they think a woman sounds like,” Contralto is a visceral and beautiful exploration of identity through sound.

Contralto is brought to Toronto in conjunction with Tiff and Riparian Acoustics. TENMC will be performing the piece along with a brand new composition commissioned especially for the collective. TENMC performers for the evening include Ilana Waniuk (violin), Nelson Moneo (viola), Amahl Arulanandam (cello), Adam Scime (double bass), Cheryl Duvall (keyboard/percussion), Nathan Petitpas (percussion) and Germaine Liu (percussion). 

General admission- $14

September 24th, 8pm

Tiff Bell Lightbox-350 King Street West

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facebook event

Sarah Hennies (b. 1979, Louisville, KY) is a composer and percussionist based in Ithaca, NY. Her work utilizes an often grueling, endurance-based performance practice in a subversive examination of psychoacoustics, queer identity, and performance art. She has presented her work in a variety of contexts including Café Oto (London), cave12 (Geneva), Ende Tymes (NYC), Festival Cable (Nantes), the Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center, O’ Art Space (Milan), and Second Edition (Stockholm) and has received commissions for new work from Cristian Alvear, Bearthoven, Bent Frequency, R. Andrew Lee, LIMINAR, Qubit Music, and the Thin Edge New Music Collective. Her work has been supported by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, New Music USA, New York State Council on the Arts, and in 2016 was awarded a fellowship in music/sound from the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Hennies is currently a member of improvised music group Meridian with Greg Stuart and Tim Feeney, a duo with sound/performance artist Jason Zeh, and the Queer Percussion Research Group with Jerry Pergolesi, Bill Solomon, and Jennifer Torrence. In late 2017 she premiered the groundbreaking work, Contralto at Issue Project Room (NYC), a film featuring a cast of transgender women with a live score for string quartet and three percussionists.

In 2013, Hennies founded the record label Weighter Recordings, releasing works by artists working at the fringes of contemporary music including Prune Bécheau, Thomas Bonvalet, Morgan Evans-Weiler, Tim Feeney, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Enrico Malatesta, and Matt Sargent.

Presented with Generous Support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Tiff, Riparian Acoustics, and Arraymusic







Thin Edge New Music Collective Travels to Japan:


Atelier-Jaku Presents:

August 30th, 2018, 7-9pm- Koen-Dori Classics 公園通りクラシックス , Tokyo 

September 4th, 2018 7:30-9:30 Ftarri, Tokyo

September 6th, -7-9pm Super-Deluxe 公園通りクラシックス, Tokyo



September 2nd, 2018 4-6pm Studio Take Who, Fukui, 



August 30th- TENMC’s co-artistic directors Cheryl Duvall (piano) and Ilana Waniuk (violin) present solo and duo works with electronics, highlights from their cutting-edge repertoire from 8 years on the Toronto scene. The concert will include Japanese premieres of works by grand dame of new music Kaija Saariaho, Canadian new music superstar Linda Catlin Smith, Tokyo-born Canadian Kotoka Suzuki, and Toronto-based rising star Brian Harman. They are also jumping head-first into exploring the music of young Tokyo composers, performing Yuka Shibuya’s View from the round window and Takahiro Kuroda’s Two Bows. 


September 2nd-TENMC performs works by Linda Catlin Smith, Takeo Hoshiya, Yuka Shibuya and Mozart. TENMC will be joined by Japanese clarinetist extraordinaire Hideo Kikuchi, for Aram Khachaturian's dynamic trio and also by students from Fukui University for a performance of John Cage's 'Five'. 


Sept 5th -Partnering with Tokyo improv veterans Ko Ishikawa on shō and Miyama McQueen-Tokita on 17-string koto for the first time, the TENMC duo will bring years of improv experience to a dynamic quartet of eastern and western sounds created in the moment.


Sept 6th-TENMC will give the Japanese premiere of Maria de Alvear’s 'Thinking', a monumental, powerful hour-long multimedia work for violin, piano, and live video. The live video is interwoven with images of the sea off Newfoundland, Canada’s easternmost province.  Just a few hundred kilometres over the frigid North Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland is Iceland, the setting of Daryl Jamieson’s 'utamakura 2: Arnardalur'. It is based on around a saga and features video and audio recordings Jamieson made in northwest Iceland. The piece was written for TENMC for this Japan tour.  The concert will begin with Takeo Hoshiya's 'Ancestral Song' 2. 






TENMC's concerts in Tokyo are presented by Atelier Jaku and Office-Deku in Fukui.

TENMC's tour to Japan has been made possible with generous support by the Canada Council for the Arts.


Thin Edge New Music Collective Travels to Poland:


June 14th, 2018-Bielsko-Baila (Stanislaw Moniuszko State Music School in Bielsko-Biała )

June 15th, 2018-Katowice (Academy of Music in Katowice)



TENMC would like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts for their generous support.





In Partnership with 918 Bathurst:

Thin Edge New Music Collective and The Music Gallery co-present: 

'FUSING: Premieres VII'

June 22nd, 2018

Doors: 7:30pm

Show: 8pm 

The Music Gallery

918 Bathurst St. Toronto

Tickets: $22 Advanced, $25 At the Door, $20 Music Gallery Members/Seniors/Arts Workers, $15 Students



Jason Sharp and Kaie Kellough
Rebecca Leonard
Amy Hull
Juro Kim Feliz
Viola Yip
Sonja Rainey
Janet Sit
Dan Tapper
Patrick McGraw

Travel outside the new musical box with a twist on TENMC's annual premieres series. Fusing will include 6 new interdisciplinary premieres fusing new music with dance, circus, literary, visual, theatrical and media arts by emerging and established artists from near and far!


Facebook event 



Please note that there are 3 steps to the entrance at 918 Bathurst. Inside the venue there is a short staircase to the basement and a short staircase to the hall. 918 Bathurst has gendered washrooms. 

*TENMC would like to thanks to the following individuals for their support of 'Fusing':

Christina Volpini

Adrienne Marcus Raja

Nick Storring

Jennie Punter

Rick Sacks + Linda Catlin Smith

Dan Tapper

Olaf Szester

Darren Creech

Rebecca Leonard

Suhashini Arulanandam

Kristin Messina

Christine Bowers

Gregory Lee Newsome

Ryan Scott

John Duvall + Ed Foley

Pam Duvall

Jeff Duvall + Katie Ratcliffe

Cheryl Duvall

Ilana Waniuk

Kai Masaoka

Susan Canon

Fusing was presented with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Dream Cymbals, Arraymusic, 918 Bathurst, The Music Gallery, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and the SOCAN Foundation. 



February 2nd, 2018

Doors: 7:30pm

Show: 8pm 

Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave

Works by: Maria de Alvear, Marci Rabe
Tickets: General $20, st/sr/arts worker $15

Facebook Event


In an age of instantaneous communication, Spanish-German composer Maria de Alvear’s music requires listeners to transcend the pace of modern living. TENMC’s third concert, ‘Thinking’ is named after Alvear’s hour-long work for piano, violin, pre-recorded video and live video, paired with the world premiere of a new work by Stratford-based composer Marci Rabe.




Marci Rabe

Scolecite (2009) for solo Piano

Becoming (2018)* for Piano and Violin


Maria de Alvear (b. 1960) Thinking (2000) for Violin, Piano and Video Installation


*world premiere


Thin Edge New Music Collective Performers:

Cheryl Duvall-piano

Ilana Wanuk-violin


'Thinking' was presented with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, and Arraymusic. 








November 11th, 2017

Shows at: 3pm, 5:30pm, 8pm (doors open 30 min prior to each set)

Canadian Music Centre 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto*


Works by: Anna Höstman, Adam Scime, Morton Feldman

Tickets: General $25, st/sr/arts worker $20

Limited Tickets Available Online

facebook event


TENMC and the Canadian Music Centre invite you to become chamber music partners for an intimate evening of music making. Visual artist Sonja Rainey transforms Toronto’s CMC Chalmers Performance Space into an immersive canvas where audiences can experience one of three intimate performances (3pm, 5:30pm, 8pm). Each show will provide performers, composers and audience members with the chance to share and engage as part of a post concert talk back and reception. Our program includes the world premiere of Anna Höstman’s Harbour (2015) for solo piano, This Carefully Chosen Stillness (2017) by Adam Scime for violin and electronics, and Morton Feldman’s masterpiece of silent resistance, The King of Denmark for solo percussion. Attendance is limited for each show, so get your tickets early!


*The Canadian Music Centre is an accessible venue through a street level entrance to the right of the main entrance. The CMC has gender neutral washrooms.



Morton Feldman (1926-1987) The King of Denmark (1964)

Adam Scime (b. 1982 ) This Carefully Chosen Stillness (2017)* for violin and electronics

Anna Höstman (b. 1972) ‘Harbour’ (2015)* for solo piano

*world premiere


Thin Edge New Music Collective Performers:

Cheryl Duvall-piano

Nathan Petitpas-percussion

Ilana Wanuk-violin


'Sensing' is presented with generous support from the Canadian Music Centre, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Dream Cymbals and Arraymusic. 




October 10th, 2017

Doors: 7:30pm ~ Show: 8:00pm

Arrayspace-155 Walnut Ave

Featuring special guest: Shi-An Costello (世 安) (speaking pianist)


Arrayspace-155 Walnut Ave

Works by: Brian Ferneyhough, Shi-An Costello (世 安)Jessie MarinoElena Rykova,Morgan KraussKeith Kusterer

Tickets: General $20, st/sr/arts worker $15

facebook event

Welcome to TENMC's 7th season! For our season opener, we're thrilled to be joined by Chicago-based pianist, composer, writer, actor, and activist Shi-An Costello (世 安) who will be performing works for speaking pianist alongside members of TENMC.  Come out to Arrayspace for an evening of works by Morgan Krauss, Jessie Marino, Elena Rykova, Keith Kusterer and a rare Toronto performance of Brian Ferneyhough's 'Opus Contra Naturam'. 

'Speaking' will be livestreamed by Arraymusic, click here to watch in real time.


Jessie Marino (b. 1984) Ritual I :: Commitment :: BiiM (2011)*

Shi-An Costello (世 安) (b. 1987) On Behalf of the Failure to Create Collaborations that Are Truly Equal Due To Inherent Privileges that Cannot Be Erased (2016) for violin and piano

Shi-An Costello (世 安) (b. 1987) Melody and Accompaniment (2011)*, for one speaking person and a piece of wood the length of a bayonet (text from Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons by Kurt Vonnegut)

  1. Melody

  2. Equilibrium

  3. A Cowboy’s Campfire


Elena Rykova (b. 1991) 101% Mind uploading (2015)




Keith Kusterer (b. 1981) Trivia Surreal (2013)for speaking pianist (inspired by David Mitchell's “Special Quiz”)

Morgan Krauss (b. 1985) Traipse (2015)- piano and voice

Brian Ferneyhough (b. 1943) Opus Contra Naturam (2000), a shadow play for speaking pianist


  2. (Katabasis)


Shi-An Costello (世 安) (b. 1987) Peel, Banana (2013), for speaking pianist



Guest artist: Shi-An Costello (世 安) -speaking pianist


Thin Edge New Music Collective Performers:

Cheryl Duvall-piano

Nathan Petitpas* + Étienne Levesque-percussion

Ilana Wanuk-violin


'Speaking' was presented with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council, Dream Cymbals and Arraymusic. 


Keys, Wind and Strings Festival

Arrayspace-155 Walnut Ave

Facebook Event

Featuring special guests: Olivia Steimel-accordion, Solomiya Moroz-flutes

Festival pass - General $36, st/sr/arts worker $26
Single ticket - General $20, st/sr/arts worker $15

Thin Edge New Music Collective Performers:

Cheryl Duvall-piano
Nathan Petitpas-percussion
Ilana Wanuk-violin
Dobrochna Zubek-cello

KWS Festival Concert I

Keys, Wind and Strings

May 24th, 8pm, 2017

         Works by:
Allison Cameron, Gregory Lee Newsome, Solomiya Moroz, Uroš Rojko, Rose Bolton,  Paul Clift and Marielle Groven.

KWS Festival Concert II

Premieres VI -  KWS Edition

May 25th, 8pm, 2017

5 world premieres for TENMC and KWS by:
Jason Doell, Germaine Liu, Fjóla Evans , Kasia Czarski-Jachimovicz , and Tobias Eduard Schick.

Both concerts will be livestreamed by Arraymusic, stay tuned for updates!

Solomiya Moroz is a Canadian-Ukrainian flutist/composer, pursuing a PhD in music composition at the University of Huddersfield. Moroz is interested in hybrid forms of sound in mixed, electronic and instrumental music. Her work tends to progress towards the expansion of the music specific medium and the role of the musicians and artists within them. She has participated in Takt Berlin Artists residency, Omi International Musicians residency in New York, and Banff Centre Creative residency. In addition she has performed and presented her music in Canada, US, and Europe. Her projects have been supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Société et Culture.






Olivia Steimel is a versatile German accordionist. Dedicated to contemporary music, she has collaborated with many composers, premiering and performing their works at international festivals, in radio broadcasts (in Canada, Portugal, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia), and on CD recordings (Duo Steimel-Mücksch, Thorofon 2017; Michael Quell, Neos 2011). As a soloist she has performed with Kammerorchester Basel and as a guest with orchestras such as Würzburg Philharmonic, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Junge Deutsche Philharmonie and the International Ensemble Modern Academy. In 2012 and 2013 she was artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre in Canada.

Olivia has been awarded several prizes at competitions, including FNAPEC Musiques d'Ensemble (Paris, 2014), Concours Nicati (Bern, 2013), Karlsruhe Competition for the Performance of Contemporary Music (Karlsruhe, 2013), International Accordion Competitions (Klingenthal & Castelfidardo, 2011) among others. She completed a diploma in pedagogy at the Würzburg Conservatory under the tutelage of Stefan Hussong (2012), a Master of Arts in Specialised Contemporary Performance at the Basel Conservatory (2014), and a soloist performance diploma at the Franz Liszt Conservatory Weimar, where she studied with Ivan Koval (2016). She was the recipient of a scholarship from the prestigious Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes for the duration of her various studies.






KWS Festival is presented with generous support from the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Dream Cymbals,  Arraymusic and the SOCAN Foundation


The Music Gallery and Thin Edge New Music Collective present
Raging Against the Machine: Coming Together

Saturday, March 4, 2017
 7pm | Concert: 8pm
The Music Gallery, 197 John St.
Tickets$20 Regular  | $15 Members/Students/Arts Worker
Tickets online in advance at
facebook event

Raging Against the Machine: Coming Together is the 2nd incarnation of an innovative and exciting concert program reuniting contemporary music ensembles from two of Canada’s largest cultural centres. Ensemble Paramirabo (Montreal) and Thin Edge New Music Collective (Toronto) join forces to present a concert of works for double sextet including three new commissions by composers from across Canada. This project aims to establish meaningful connections between artists and organizations with distinct geographical, cultural and linguistic identities.  Raging Against the Machine features Frederic Rzewski’s Coming Together, Yannis Kyriakides’ Karaoke Etudes, and the Toronto premiere of new works by Colin Labadie (ON), James O’Callaghan (QC) and Anna Pidgorna (BC).  Join us for the final stop of our Canadian tour and help celebrate the release of TENMC and EP's joint recording: Raging Against the Machine  featuring works by Steve Reich, Louis AndriessenAnna HöstmanBrian Harman and Patrick Giguère on Redshift Records!

Get your digital copy here!



Raging Against the Machine-Coming Together
CanadianTour Dates + Album Release:

Photo: Lou Scamble


Vancouver-Music on Main 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The Fox Cabaret
2321 Main Street (between 7th & 8th), Vancouver - google map
Bar opens at 7:00pm | Concert starts at 8:00pm
General Admission seating. Ages 19+.

Edmonton- New Music Edmonton

Friday, February 24,  2017
7:30 pm – 10:00 pm 

Holy Trinity Anglican Church
10037 84 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB View Map
Tickets: $15-$25


Montreal- Ensemble Paramirabo + INNOVATIONS en concert

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Conservatoire de musique du Québec à Montréal-Salle de concert
4750, avenue Henri-Julien, Montréal - View Map
Tickets $16.20-$22.20



Toronto - The Music Gallery + Thin Edge New Music Collective

Saturday, March 4, 2017
Doors: 7pm | Concert: 8pm

The Music Gallery, 197 John St.- View Map
Tickets$20 Regular  | $15 Members/Students/Arts Worker 
Online in advance at


Thin Edge New Music Collective and Ensemble Paramirabo would like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts, Dream Cymbals, Music on Main, New Music Edmonton, Arraymusic, Innovations en concert and The Music Gallery for their generous support of our Canadian tour.


"Raging Against the Machine-Coming Together'

Colin Labadie (b. 1984) "From the Horse's Mouth" (2017)***-double sextet + fixed electronics

Anna Pidgorna (b. 1985) Waiting (2017)*-for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello

James O’Callaghan (b. 1988) On notes to selves (2016)** -for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello and portable electronics


Yannis Kyriakides (b. 1969) Karaoke Etudes (2011)-five instrumental songs for soloists, ensemble, video and soundtrack.

Frederic Rzewski (b. 1938) Coming Together (1972)-unspecified instrumentation


Florence Blain Mbaye-Narrator

Ensemble Paramirabo

Jeffrey Stonehouse, flute

Laurence Neill-Poirier, clarinet

Geneviève Liboiron, violin

Viviana Gosselin, cello

Daniel Áñez, piano

David Therrien-Brongo, percussion


Thin Edge New Music Collective

Terry Lim-flutes

Juan Olivares-clarinets

Ilana Waniuk-violin

Amahl Arulanandam-cello

Cheryl Duvall- piano

Nathan Petitpas-percussion


*Canada Council for the Arts Commission performed/premiered by Ensemble Paramirabo.

** Commissioned by Thin Edge New Music Collective

***Commissioned by Thin Edge New Music Collective and Ensemble Paramirabo

New circus and new music collide in boundary pushing, radical circus performances featuring special guest, DJ P-Love and a cast of 40 local artists!

‘Balancing on the Edge’ (BOTE) is a collaborative production between Thin Edge New Music Collective and A Girl in the Sky Productions presented in association with Harbourfront Centre, which will explore via a deeply integrated relationship between contemporary music and contemporary circus arts, the myriad of ways in which modern humanity is precariously balanced on the edge of survival and evolution. BOTE will be presented at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre in Toronto on Nov 18 at 8pm and Nov 19th 2pm + 8pm 2016 as part of Harbourfront's NextSteps series. 

Our production will feature the premiere of six collaborative works interpreting what it means to be ‘balancing on the edge’ through innovative new music and new circus performances. Featured circus artists include Rebecca Devi Leonard, Natasha Danchenko, Brandy Leary, Holly Treddenick, Angola Murdoch-Ladder, Diana Lopez, Rebecca Carney, Emily Hughes, Emmanuel Cyr, and Louis Barbier who will showcase a wide range of circus disciplines ranging from Aerial Rock, Fire and ladder to invented apparatus and object manipulation. Our musical programme includes works by John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, David Lang, and Montreal-based Nicole Lizée, with world premieres by California-based Scott Rubin and Toronto’s own Nick Storring. BOTE will feature lighting design by Joe Pagnan with live projections by Evan DeRushie and video by Jason J Brown. Balancing on the Edge aims to investigate what it means to be pushed to the limit from a wide range of perspectives through a fascinating synthesis of theatre, dance, multi-media, new music and new circus.

BOTE is presented in association with Harbourfront Centre:

Harbourfront Centre NextSteps Dance Series

Harbourfront Centre Theatre, 231 Queens Quay W

November 18th 8pm

November 19th 2pm + 8pm

Ticket Prices: $15,$28,$35
(25% discount on groups of 10 or more)*

*Contact the Harbourfront Centre Box Office for more details: 416-973-4000    

Please visit to find out more!


Circus Artists:

 Musicans:  Video: Jason J Brown

Projections: Evan DeRushie

Lighting Design: Joe Pagnan

Stage Manager: Charissa Willcox

Ghost Bicycle Dancers:
Eric Liu, Kelly Mullan, Dana Lerman, Rachel David, Sarah Stark, Jonathan Neville, Hoining Chang, Emma De Bono,  Meagan Gartlanster

Artistic Directors/Curators: Cheryl Duvall, Ilana Waniuk, Rebecca Leonard


Show week is here! When not performing/rehearsing, you can find the BOTE artist family hanging at Boxcar Social! Join us for some amazing coffee, wine, craft beer and bourbon!


Magma (2016) 

Circus Artists: Diana Lopez + Rebecca Carney
Music: Nicole Lizée (b.1973)  Phonographenlieder (2014)
String quartet, piano, percussion, mezzo soprano,  turntablist


Naked to the Sky (2016)

Circus Artists: Manuel Cyr + Louis Barbier
Music: Scott Rubin (b.1989) Naked to the Sky (2016)
Piano, percussion, saxophone, violin, electronics


Underneath (2016)

Circus Artist: Emily Hughes
Projections by Evan DeRushie
Music: Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) Okho (1989)
Percussion trio



Ascension (2016)

Circus Artist: Holly Treddenick, Angola Murdoch
Soprano: Stacie Dunlop
Music John Cage (1912-1992) Aria & Fontana Mix (1958/1959)
Soprano + tape

Excavating Meaning (2016)

Circus artist: Brandy Leary
Music: Nick Storring (b.1981) Amanhã (2016)
Piano, percussion, saxophone, cello, 2 violins


Ghost Bicycle (2016)

Circus Artist: Rebecca Leonard, Natasha Danchenko
Jason J Brown-video
Music: David Lang (b.1957) Cheating, Lying, Stealing (1993)
Bass clarinet, cello, piano, percussion + 2 antiphonal brake drum

Thin Edge New Music Collective & Balancing on the Edge would like to thank our generous sponsor:


Balancing on the Edge is presented with generous support from:
Harbourfront Centre NextSteps,  Canada Council for the Arts, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, and Arraymusic, 




Join TENMC and special guest Charlotte Mundy for a 2 day celebration of  
Morton Feldman's 90th birthday!

Feldman Festival

Arrayspace 155 Walnut Ave

Sept 15 - 8 pm 

Morton Feldman (1926-1987) Piano, violin, viola, cello (1987)
(1hr 15 min, no intermission) - Please feel free to bring a yoga mat/pillow/blanket. Will be performed in low light.

Sept 16 - 6:30 pm
Linda Catlin Smith gives a talk on Morton Feldman's life and musical legacy.
Featuring a performance of Morton Feldman's Spring of Chosroes (1977) for violin and piano. 

Sept 16th-8 pm

Linda Catlin Smith (b.1957) Ribbon (2001) -piano, violin, cello
Barbara Monk Feldman (b.1950’s) The Northern Shore (1997)-percussion, piano, violin


Morton Feldman (1926-1987) Three Voices (for Joan La Barbara)(1982)-for soprano and tape
Guest artist: Charlotte Mundy- Soprano

TENMC Performers:

Rachael Abramoff- Viola
Cheryl Duvall-piano
Nathan Petitpas-percussion
Ilana Waniuk-violin
Dobrochna Zubek-cello


Tickets available online in advance or at the door:

Festival pass - General $36, st/sr/arts worker $26
Single ticket - General $20, st/sr/arts worker $15


Click here to RSVP 

TENMC's Feldman Festival  is presented  with generous support from Arraymusic, and the Ontario Arts Council. 

You are invited to a  Surrealist Masquerade Fundraiser in support of Balancing on the Edge!

Thin Edge New Music Collective and A Girl In the Sky Productions invite you to come masked and dressed as your 'balancing on the edge' alter ego! Eat, drink and enjoy a strange and beautiful night of art, entertainment and interesting characters. All proceed of this event go directly to productions costs for this innovative and ground-breaking production!

Friday, September 23rd, 2016 8pm-11pm

Collective Space, 221 Sterling Rd. Unit #5

Featuring performances by:

Angola Murdoch
Natalie + Lara
Mary Margaret Scrimger
Akilanda Collective
Hercinia Arts Collective
Louis Barbier
Thin Edge New Music Collective

Video Art by Jason J Brown
Illuminations by Sonja Rainey

Pay what you can - Suggested donations $100 general/$25 Artsworkers, Students, Seniors

For more info on Balancing on the Edge please click here!

The Music Gallery and Intersection present
Elliott Sharp + Thin Edge New Music Collective + Soupcans
Part of the Departures Series

Friday, September 2
Doors: 8:30pm | Concert: 9pm
Soybomb, 156 Bathurst St.

Tickets$15 Regular | $10 Members/Students |$12 Advance at


Frankfurt, 11.05.2007:  Elliott Sharp

Sascha Rheker/attenzione
20070511Elliott Sharp remains one of the key artists who arose from New York’s downtown scene of the 70s and 80s, having made his mark in improvisation, no wave and punk. He has also invented his own insanely complex musical systems that pioneered the use of fractal geometry, chaos theory, and genetics in musical composition and interaction. His unique path has led him to stunning collaborations with Debbie Harry; Frankfurt’s Ensemble Modern, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Hubert Sumlin, Pops Staples, Cecil Taylor, Christian Marclay and Bachir Attar, leader of the Master Musicians Of Jajouka. Sharp plays solo here.

Sharp’s chamber compositions are less known than his superhuman guitar work, and Thin Edge New Music Collective steps up to the plate to untangle them for Toronto audiences. 

Soupcans, in their own words, are “gooey-gross bass cranking out yucky, warbled sounds, stripped-down drums pumped with wild, impotent abandon, guitar tones like shards of glass in the webbing of your toes and broken occult throat gurglings calling to Cthulu. Soupcans will play your birthday or bar mitzvah.”

Join us at 9PM for a panel discussion moderated by Jerry Pergolesi of Contact featuring Sharp and members of Thin Edge: what role does contemporary classical music play in the worlds of popular & rock music & vice versa? In a world where musical forms & genre are becoming increasingly entangled, where do we see new music in the future?

Light in Fog (10 min) String Quartet
Flexagons (20 min) String Quartet and percussion
Hommage James Tenney (6-7 min) String Quartet
Mare Undarum (20-25 min) String Quartet + Elliott Sharp

Thin Edge New Music Collective:
Ilana Waniuk + Suhashini Arulanandam – violins
Rachael Abramoff – viola
Dobrochna Zubek – cello
Nathan Petipas – percussion
Cheryl Duvall-piano

RSVP: Facebook


Friday, June 17th, 8pm, 2016
155 Walnut Ave


Online in Advance
$18 regular
$13 MG member/senior/student/arts worker
(Please click on the Be-Mused link below to purchase)
At the door: $20 regular, $15 senior/student/arts worker


Join us for the final concert of TENMC's 2015/2016 season. "Are you Ready Brother?" is a  celebration of the  life and legacy of Russian-Canadian composerNikolai Sergeevich Korndorf.  Hosted by Toronto's own Gregory Lee Newsome, one of Canada's most illustrious composers and former Korndorf student, our program will include; “Yarilo” for solo piano, “Are you Ready Brother?”for piano trio,  “Dance in Metal in honour of John Cage” for solo percussionist as well as "Avarice" for solo flute by Newsome.


Nikolai Sergeevich Korndorf (1947-2001)- Dance in Metal in Honour of John Cage (1986)- solo percussion 

Nikolai Sergeevich Korndorf - Yarilo, (1981) -piano and a tape


Gregory Lee Newsome (b.1969)-Avarice (2011) - solo flute

Nikolai Sergeevich Korndorf - "Are You Ready, Brother?" (1996)- piano, violin, and violoncello

Thin Edge New Music Collective Performers:

Cheryl Duvall- piano
 Sarah Yunji Moon- flute
Nathan Petitpas-percussion
 Ilana Waniuk-violin
 Dobrochna Zubek-cello


"Are You Ready Brother"  is presented  with generous support from Arraymusic, the SOCAN Foundation, Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.


Friday, Feb 12th, 8pm, 2016
155 Walnut Ave


Online in Advance
$18 regular
$13 MG member/senior/student/arts worker
(Please click on the Be-Mused link below to purchase)
At the door: $20 regular, $15 senior/student/arts worker


Join us for an evening of firsts! TENMC presents 7 new works by emerging composers from across Canada and abroad: 

Andrzej Tereszkowski 
Cecilia Livingston
Emily Hall 
Luke Nickel
Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh
Jessica Mays
Brooks Frederickson


Jessica Mays (b. 1987) - Ceaseless Beginnings (2016) -percussion, piano, clarinet, cello, violin

Andrzej Tereszkowski (b. 1987) -  Wherever: apropos the poetry of Jan Zych (Gdziekolwiek: apropos poezji Jana Zycha)(2015) - flute, clarinet, oboe, percussion, piano

Cecilia Livingston (b. 1984) - Strange Flesh (2016)- voice, cello, percussion, violin- Text-Duncan McFarlane


Brooks Frederickson (b. 1987) -  Folds (2015)** - violin, saxophone, percussion, piano

Emily Hall (b. 1976) - Lilac Dell (2016)*- percussion, piano, saxophone, cello, violin

Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh (b. 1984) - TEE/Tee/T (2015) - percussion, piano, saxophone, violin

Luke Nickel (b. 1988) -Who's Exploiting Who (2016) - piano, percussion, clarinet, flute, cello and violin

* Canada Council Commission
**  Thin Edge Commissioning Fund commission 

Thin Edge New Music Collective Performers:

Jacob Armstrong-saxophone
Cheryl Duvall- piano
Stacie Dunlop-voice
Elizabeth Eccleston-oboe
 Sarah Yunji Moon- flute
Nathan Petitpas-percussion
Chelsea Shanoff -saxophone
Olaf Szester-percussion
Anthony Thompson-clarinets
 Ilana Waniuk-violin
 Dobrochna Zubek-cello

To find out more please watch the following Premieres V -Portraits:

Premieres V is presented  with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Arraymusic, SOCAN Foundation, Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.


Light Show
Sunday, Nov 29th, 8pm, 2015                

(197 John Street, Toronto)


Online in Advance
$18 regular
$13 MG member/senior/student/arts worker
(Please click on the Be-Mused link below to purchase)

At the door: $20 regular, $15 MG member/senior/student/arts workers

Inspired by the 2015 year of Light and Light Sciences, “Light show” will showcase the Toronto premiere of “Music for Lamps”, an installation and performance work for 12 sound and light emitting lamps created and performed by Montreal-based guest artists Adam Basanta, Max Stein and Julian Stein. Light show will also include the world premiere of Waldemar Haffkine for piano and violin by Michael Oesterle, Tristan Murail’s seminal spectral masterpiece Treize Couleurs du Soleil Couchant with illuminations created by Toronto-based artist Sonja Rainey, and Nicaraguan-American composer and guitarist Gabriel José Bolaños Chamorro’s “A Trip Down Market Street” for chamber ensemble and silent film.



Music For Lamps – Adam Basanta, Max Stein, Julian Stein


Gabriel José Bolaños Chamorro (b.1984) A Trip Down Market Street (2013)- flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, viola cello, piano, percussion and silent film.

Michael Oesterle (b. 1968) Waldemar Haffkine  (2015)*- piano and violin

Tristan Murail (b. 1947) Treize Couleurs du Soleil Couchant (1978)-flute, clarinet, piano, cello, violin, electronics


*world premiere (this work is generously commissioned by Daniel Cooper)

Thin Edge New Music Collective Performers:

Rachael Abramoff-viola
Cheryl Duvall- piano
 Sarah Yunji Moon- flute
Nathan Petitpas-percussion
Anthony Thompson-clarinet
 Ilana Waniuk-violin
 Dobrochna Zubek-cello

Light Show is co-presented with The Music Gallery and with generous support from Daniel Cooper,  Arraymusic, Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.


Music for 12 Lamps is an installation and performance work created by Adam Basanta, Julian Stein and Max Stein for 12 sound and light emitting lamps. Each lamp is discreetly outfitted with a surface transducer speaker, turning the lamps into both light and sound emitters. The lamps are arranged to both surround and permeate audience members, creating a 12 channel light and 14 channel sound performance. The work investigates the potential of domestic objects, both to recall their quotidian functions and – through aesthetic transformation – transcend them.

Adam Basanta
Julian Stein
Max Stein

Gabriel José Bolaños Chamorro (b. 1984 Bogotá, Colombia) is a Nicaraguan-American composer and guitarist. He recently finished his PhD in composition and theory at UC Davis, where he studied with Mika Pelo. He also has a BA from Columbia University, where he studied composition with Fabien Lévy and Sebastian Currier, and orchestration with Tristan Murail. He is currently a visiting professor at the Nicaraguan Polytechnic University’s Conservatory of Music, where he teaches composition, theory, analysis and guitar, and will be composer-in-residence at the Rubén Darío Symphonic Youth Orchestra in 2016. His recent work has been heavily influenced by linguistics, particularly the use of phonetic, rhythmic and prosodic properties of speech to inform melody, harmony, timbre and rhythm.

Michael Oesterle, born in 1968, is a Canadian composer living in Deux-Montagnes Québec.
Sonja Rainey is a designer for a broad range of performance styles, a multidisciplinary artist, community based arts facilitator and a curious tinkerer in many mediums. Her work has been produced in Canada, the United States and as part of the Prague Quadrennial. She is a two time Dora Mavor Moore nominee for her set and costume designs and has most recently worked with Toronto based companies the Canadian Opera Company, The Bicycle Opera Project, urbanvessel, Jumblies Theatre, Making Room Community Arts, The Community Arts Guild, MABELLEarts and Ahuri Theatre. She holds an MFA in Theatrical Design from the University of Texas at Austin a BFA specialization from Concordia University in Design for the Theatre and most recently studied at the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance.


Cuatro Esquinas
-a fundraising concert-

Sunday, Nov 1st, 2015
Arrayspace, 155 Walnut Ave

Doors open: 7:30pm
Concert starts: 8:00pm
Tickets: PWYC (suggested donation $20)

Thin Edge is about to embark on an adventure in Buenos Aires! Join us Nov 1st for a contemporary music fiesta complete with empanadas,  alfajores, and featuring works by Linda Catlin Smith, Claude Vivier, Marcelo Lazcano, John Cage and Elliott Carter with world premieres by David Jaeger and Colin Labadie! All proceeds generated from this concert will go towards covering incidental costs such as percussion equipment rentals  for rehearsals during our stay in Argentina.  Hope to see you there!   


Linda Catlin Smith (b. 1957) – Moi Qui Tremblais (1999) -violin, percussion, piano

John Cage (1912-1992)- In a Landscape (1948)- solo piano

Marcelo F. Lazcano (b. 1977) – Vis Viva (2014) -piano, violin, vocals

Colin Labadie (b. 1984) –Three Bridges (2015)*-piano, saxophone, percussion, violin


Elliott Carter (1908-2012) – Figment V (2009) -marimba

Linda Catlin-Smith (b. 1957)- With Their Shadows Long (1997) – piano, violin

David Jaeger (b.1947)- For Chelsea (2015)* -solo saxophone

Claude Vivier (1948-1983) - Pulau Dewata (1977) arr. by Nathan Petitpas for saxophone, piano, percussion, violin.

*world premiere

TENMC Performers:
Cheryl Duvall- piano
Nathan Petitpas-percussion
Chelsea Shanoff-saxophones
 Ilana Waniuk-violin


Premieres IV
Presented in association with:

Friday, June 12th, 2015                8pm, Array Space
(155 Walnut Ave)


Online in Advance
$18 regular, $13 senior/student/arts worker
(Please click on the Be-Mused link below to purchase)

At the door: $20 regular, $15 senior/student/arts worker

Join us for an evening of firsts! Premieres IV  will feature brand new works by emerging composers from across Canada and abroad including  Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh (Australia), Colin Labadie (Guelph), Sophie Dupuis (Edmonston), Jenny Beck (Philadelphia). Also featuring the world premiere of "Chill" by Irish composer Stephen Gardner for violin and piano.


Sophie Dupuis (b. 1988) -Perceptions de la Fontaine (2015) - for voice, percussion, clarinet, flute and oboe

Colin Labadie (b. 1984) - Thaw (2015) - percussion, piano, clarinet, oboe, violin

Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh (b. 1984) - TEE/Tee/T (2015)** - percussion, piano, saxophone, violin

Jenny Beck (b. 1985) -  And there was something else I wanted to tell you (2015) - violin, cello, percussion, piano

Stephen Gardner (b. 1958) - Chill (2015)- piano and violin

**  Thin Edge Commissioning Fund commission

This concert is generously  presented in association with Arraymusic and with support from the Ontario Arts Council and the SOCAN Foundation.*


Meet the Composers!

Born in Taiwan and raised between New Zealand and Australia, Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh is a composer whose music fuses myriad influences. Noted for her “sparklingly crisp” compositions and “skilful orchestration” (The Age), Annie was originally trained as a pianist and oboist before taking up composition via dramatic theatre, musicals and films.
Annie has been awarded the Dorian le Gallienne Composition award (2011), soundSCAPE Festival Composition Prize (2012), A E Floyd Memorial Scholarship (2013), as well as support from the Australian Music Council, Cybec Foundation, Besen Family Artist Program and Sorel Charitable Organization (New York), among others.
Her works have been commissioned and performed by The Arts Centre Melbourne, Queensland Conservatorium Griffths University, Beijing Modern Music Festival, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Services Australia, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, The Song Company, Syzygy Ensemble, Kupka’s Piano, Quartetto Maurice, Momenta Quartet, Thin Edge New Music Collective, Ensemble Paramirabo, Arcko Symphonic Ensemble and musicians from the Australian National Academy of Music.
Additionally, Annie’s music has been featured in festivals including Metropolis New Music Festival (2010), OzAsia Festival (2012), Asian Composers’ League’s ‘Music Taiwan’ series (2012, 2013), soundSCAPE Festival (2012, 2013), Restrung Festival (Brisbane, 2013), The Arts of Migration Festival (2013), The Art Centre Melbourne 5X5X5 Project (2013), The National Gallery of Victoria ‘Melbourne Now’ exhibition’ (2013-2014), Mise-en Festival (New York, 2014) and Omaha Under the Radar (2015).
Annie is currently a doctoral student at the University of California, San Diego, working with Lei Liang. Prior to joining UCSD, Annie completed her bachelor’s (first-class honours) and master’s degrees from University of Melbourne (2006, 2010), under the tutelage of Stuart Greenbaum and Brenton Broadstock.
Annie is represented by the Australian Music Centre.


Colin Labadie is a Waterloo-based composer and performer whose output includes concert works, sound art, improvisation, and sound design for theatre. His wide rage of influences inspires him to create music ranging from austere and pattern-oriented to spastic and loud. He often uses machines to realize his work, and has built or modified many electronic instruments that emit odd noises he finds interesting. Colin’s work has been performed across Canada and internationally by various groups and individuals, including New York New Music Ensemble, Arraymusic, NODUS Ensemble, QUASAR Saxophone Quartet, and the Penderecki String Quartet.Colin is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Composition from the University of Alberta with support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Jenny Beck grew up in rural Pennsylvania where the sounds of the woods stirred her imagination at a young age. She went on to study composition at the Peabody Conservatory and Rutgers University.
Regarding her music, Jenny writes: “I work in an intensely distilled musical language, the goal of which is to forge significance for each sound. I create a concise musical palate and aim   to maintain its purity while traversing fully the dramatic range of a relatively limited set of materials.” The resulting sound world is vast, visceral, and restrained in equal  measure.
Noting the delicate force of this method in her piece Fifty Pairs of Eyes, NewMusicBox reviewer Daniel Kushner states that the effect is “somewhat like differentiating between a representational painting of someone breathing, and an attempt to paint the texture of the air itself.”
Jenny has participated in workshops and festivals including the Norfolk New Music Workshop, Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency with Martin Bresnick, June In Buffalo, the Wellesley Composers Conference, the Tanglewood Music Center, and the Weill Music Institute Professional Training Workshop at Carnegie Hall with Kaija Saariaho and Anssi Karttunen.
Jenny currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sophie Dupuis
 is a composer from New Brunswick. Her work focuses on new music for ensembles, orchestras and soloists. Dupuis pursued her graduate studies in composition at the University of Toronto. During those years, she took part in workshops such as the Orford Arts Centre Creation Program, the Array Young Composers Workshop and Vocalypse’s Opera from Scratch. She was awarded several prizes for her studies in music including the University Medal in Music from Dalhousie University, an Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the John Weinzweig Graduate Scholarship. In 2012, she won the University of Toronto Wind Ensemble Composition Competition with her piece One Last Thing Before I go which was premièred by the ensemble in March 2013. Her works have been played in concerts or workshops by ensembles including the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Nova Scotia, Dalhousie Symphony Orchestra, Dalhousie Chamber Choir and duo aTonalHits. Dupuis is now in Edmundston, NB, teaching music privately and in elementary schools. She plans on returning to Toronto and complete her doctorate degree in September.



Thin Edge New Music Collective 
(Toronto) and Ensemble Paramirabo (Montreal) team up to present a dynamic concert program featuring Steve Reich’s Pulitzer prizewinning Double SextetLouis Andriessen’s politically charged Worker’s Union, and the World Premiere of a new work for all 12 musicians by Brian Harman (Toronto/Montreal). ‘Raging Against the Machine’ aims to establish meaningful connections between artists and organizations with distinct geographical, cultural and linguistic identities.

This project is inspired by the driven rhythmic nature of both Reich and Andriessen’s compositions. Tonights program will also include the world premiere of new compositions written for each respective ensemble by Anna Höstman (Toronto) and Patrick Giguère (Montreal).

TENMC and Ensemble Paramirabo will bring ‘Raging Against the Machine’ to venues across Canada between February and April 2015 including performances at New Music Edmonton, New Works Calgary, University of Manitoba, Wilfrid Laurier University, Music on Main/Little Chamber Music Series that could in Vancouver, and Open Space in Victoria.


Upcoming Tour Dates:

New Music Edmonton:
Holy Trinity Anglican Church (10037 84 ave, Edmonton)
Saturday, April 25th, 2015
7:30 pm
For more info please visit:

New Works Calgary:
Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, Rosza Centre, University of Calgary
Tuesday, April 28th2015

For more info please visit:

Open Space:
Wood Hall, Victoria Conservatory of Music, 907 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC
Wednesday April 29, 2015
For more info please visit:

Music on Main/ Little Chamber Music Series that Could:
The Fox Cabaret 2321 Main Street (at East 7th, in East Vancouver)
Thursday, April 30, 2015
Bar Opens at 7:00pm/ Concert 8:00pm
For more info please visit:

Raging Against the Machine is presented with generous support from the Toronto Arts Council, the SOCAN foundation, the Ontario Arts CouncilArraymusicRoger D. Moore,  the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, New Music Edmonton, New Works Calgary, Open Space, Music on Main/Little Chamber Music Series that Could.







April is the Cruelest Month

Sunday,  April 12th, 2015
Gallery 345- 345 Sorauren Ave






Doors: 7:30pm | Concert: 8pm



At the door:
$20 regular
$15 senior/ student/ arts worker

Online in Advance through Be-Mused:
$18 regular
$13 senior/ student/ arts worker


In celebration of national poetry month, Thin Edge New Music Collective invites you to  "April is the Cruelest Month" a concert of works exploring the concept of "cut poetry" and birdsong in musical form.  Our program will feature Lukas Foss’s seminal work “13 ways of Looking at a Blackbird” (voice, piano, flute and percussion) based on Wallace Steven's poem of the same name, and “Pourriez-vous être le couteau dans ma vie?”(Could you be the knife in my life?) by Laurie Radford (piano trio with Digital Signal Processing). We are also thrilled to present world premieres by two of Canada's brightest emerging composers including a new setting of W.B Yeats's "Sailing to Byzantium" for soprano and chamber ensemble by Tawnie Olson, and "Hazel" ** for piano, clarinet, percussion, cello, violin and electronics by Emilie LeBel.

Please join us for an innovative musical evening welcoming the first sights and sounds of spring!


Emilie LeBel (b. 1979) Hazel (2015)**- piano, percussion, clarinet, cello, violin and electronics

Lukas Foss (1922-2009) 13 ways of Looking at a Blackbird (1978)– voice, piano, flute, percussion


Tawnie Olson (b. 1974) Sailing to Byzantium (2015)* – voice, piano, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello

Laurie Radford (b. 1958) "Pourriez-vous être le couteau dans ma vie?"(2004) - piano trio with live electronics

**Ontario Arts Council Commission
*World premiere


Special Guest:  Laurie Radford –live electronics

Thin Edge New Music Collective Performers:

Cheryl Duvall - piano
Stacie Dunlop- voice
Terry Lim- flute
Nathan Petitpas- percussion
Anthony Thompson- clarinet
Ilana Waniuk-violin
Dobrochna Zubek- cello

"April is the Cruelest Month” is presented with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.


Meet the Composers:

Laurie Radford composes music for diverse combinations of instruments, electroacoustic media, and performers in interaction with computer-controlled signal processing of sound and image. His music has been performed and broadcast throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia at events including Futura, Biennale Musique en scène, Miami New Music Festival, Musica Viva, Rien à voir, Festival Akousma, MusiMars, Musicacoustica, San Francisco Tape Music Festival, Festival Encuentros, Nornadas de Música Elektroakustika, Semaine Internationale de Cuenca, Discoveries, Mantis Festival, Cutting Edge, and SAN Expo.
He has received commissions and performances from ensembles and soloists including Le Nouvel Ensemble Modern, L'Ensemble contemporain de Montréal, Esprit Orchestra, Aventa Ensemble, Ensemble Résonance, Ensemble Caput, code d'accès, GroundSwell, Pro Coro Canada, New Music Concerts, Trio Fibonacci, Trio Phoenix, Ensemble Transmission, Earplay, Duo Kovalis, Totem contemporain, the Penderecki, Bozzini and Molinari String Quartets, and the Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Montréal Symphony Orchestras.
Radford’s music is available on empreintes DIGITALes, McGill Records, PeP Recordings, Clef Records, Eclectra Records, Centrediscs and Fidelio Audiophile Recordings. He has taught music technology, instrumental composition, and electroacoustic music and media arts at McGill University, Concordia University, Bishop’s University, University of Alberta, City University (London, UK), and is presently an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary.


Emilie Cecilia LeBel is a Canadian composer currently living in Toronto, where she works in the music community in various capacities: composing, teaching, curating, and organizing. She is the winner of the 2012 Toronto Emerging Composer Award (Canadian Music Centre), and the Elizabeth Massey Award (Canadian Federation of University Women). Emilie is currently the 2015 RBC Emerging Composer-in-Residence for the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.

In 2014, with support form the Ontario Arts Council (Chalmers Grant) and the Canada Council for the Arts, Emilie undertook private studies with Juliet Palmer, Christopher Butterfield, and Michael Finnissy. In 2013, she completed her Doctorate in composition at The University of Toronto. Her thesis, under the guidance of Gary Kulesha, was an orchestral work exploring the variances of light in the photographs of Josef Sudek. Her research, under the guidance of Robin Elliott, focused on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Canadian composers, examining the role of the CBC in the development of contemporary Canadian art music. She holds an Honours Diploma in audio engineering and music production, a Specialized Honours BFA in music, and an MA in composition.

Emilie is an Associate Composer at the Canadian Music Centre, and she is a member of the Blue Moss Ensemble with composers Anna Höstman and Mitch Renaud. Emilie is currently a sessional lecturer at the University of Toronto Scarborough and McMaster University, and she also teaches at the Regent Park School of Music.

Described as "especially glorious... ethereal" by Whole Note, and "a highlight of the concert" by the Boston Musical Intelligencer, the music of Canadian composer Tawnie Olson has been performed by a wide range of ensembles and individual musicians, including the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, the Land's End Ensemble, Duo Fiolûtröniq, Parthenia, New Morse Code, the Wanmu Percussion Trio, the McGill, University of Calgary, and University of Toronto Percussion Ensembles, bassoonists Nadina Mackie Jackson and Rachael Elliott, percussionists Shawn Mativetsky and Ian David Rosenbaum, harpsichordist Katelyn Clark, the Canadian Chamber Choir, the Toronto Chamber Choir, the Guelph Chamber Choir, the choir of Trinity Wall Street, the Norfolk Festival Choir, the Yale Camerata, and NOTUS: Indiana University Contemporary Vocal Ensemble. She has won awards from the SOCAN foundation and the Guelph Chamber Choir/Musica Viva, and is a two-time semifinalist in the Sorel Foundation competition. Her composition Scel lem duib, for chamber chorus and harp, was one of three works selected (out of 170 submissions) for publication in the National Collegiate Choral Organization's 2013 choral music series.

Recent projects include Something to Say, for tabla, spoken word, and fixed media, composed at the request of Shawn Mativetsky, Spring and Fall - to a young child, commissioned by Janet Galván and Ithaca College for the Ithaca College Choir, Spinning and Weaving, for two harps, commissioned by Duo Novus, and Scel lem duib, for chamber chorus and harp, commissioned by the Yale Institute of Sacred Music for the Yale Camerata. In 2010 a recording of her composition Chantez à l'Éternel was released on the Canadian Chamber Choir's CD, "In Good Company," in 2011 bassoonist Rachael Elliott released a recording of À mon seul désir on the album "Polka the Elk," in 2013 Plainsong was included on oboist Catherine Lee 's new album, "Social Sounds," and in 2014 Shawn Mativetsky issued Something to Say as a digital release.
Olson holds a doctorate in music composition from the University of Toronto, a Master of Music degree from the Yale School of Music, an Artist Diploma from the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale, and a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Calgary.


Raging Against The Machine

Thursday,  February 19th, 2015
Co-presented with The Music Gallery:

Doors: 7:30pm* | Concert: 8pm
The Music Gallery, 197 John St.



At the door:
$20 regular
$15 music gallery member, senior, student, arts worker

Online in Advance through Be-Mused:
$18 regular
$13 music gallery member, senior, student, arts worker

Thin Edge New Music Collective (Toronto) and Ensemble Paramirabo (Montreal) team up to perform a dynamic concert program featuring Steve Reich’s Pulitzer prizewinning Double Sextet, Louis Andriessen’s politically charged Worker’s Union, and the World Premiere of a new work for all 12 musicians by Brian Harman (Toronto/Montreal). ‘Raging Against the Machine’ aims to establish meaningful connections between artists and organizations with distinct geographical, cultural and linguistic identities.

This project is inspired by the driven rhythmic nature of both Reich and Andriessen’s compositions. Tonights program will also include the world premiere of new compositions written for each respective ensemble by Anna Höstman (Toronto) and Patrick Giguère (Montreal).

TENMC and Ensemble Paramirabo will bring ‘Raging Against the Machine’ to venues across Canada between February and April 2015 including performances at New Music Edmonton, New Works Calgary, University of Manitoba, Wilfrid Laurier University, Music on Main/Little Chamber Music Series that could in Vancouver, and Open Space Art Society in Victoria.

*Come early for a free pre-concert interview with Mike Tanner  at 6m and stay for the show! Click here for more details.


Steve Reich (b. 1936), Double Sextet (2007)
Louis Andriessen (b. 1939), Workers Union (1975)
Anna Höstman (b. 1972), Fog (2015)**
Patrick Giguère (b. 1987),   Le sel de la Terre (2015)*
Brian Harman (b. 1981), Hum  (2015)*

*world premiere
** Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council Commission

RATM Performers:

Ensemble Paramirabo
Jeffrey Stonehouse -flute
François Gagné -clarinets
Geneviève Liboiron -violin
Viviana Gosselin -cello
Gabrielle Gingras -piano
special guest-
Zachary Hale-percussion

Thin Edge New Music Collective Performers:
Cheryl Duvall-piano
Nathan Petitpas-percussion
Anthony Thompson-clarinets
Sarah Yunji Moon-flute
Amber Walton-Amar-cello
Ilana Waniuk-violin

Raging Against the Machine is co-presented with The Music Gallery and with generous support from the Toronto Arts Council, the SOCAN foundation, Arraymusic, Roger D. Moore,  the Ontario Arts Council, the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Meet the Ensembles:

The intrepid and dedicated members of Ensemble Paramirabo come together as a single voice to perform contemporary music, showcase up-and-coming composers, and expand the boundaries of the traditional concert experience. As a creator of innovative events, the group provides young composers with a venue for refining their trademark within Montreal’s new music scene and a springboard for exposure abroad. Ranging from a single instrument to a quintet formation, Ensemble Paramirabo often engages guest musicians to expand its repertoire and meet the requirements of new compositions.
Taking its name from Paramirabo, by Montreal composer Claude Vivier, Ensemble Paramirabo’s roots date back to 2008 at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. Since its foundation, the ensemble has been invited to New York’s Mise-En Festival, Winnipeg’s Cluster New Music Festival, and the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab. A proud ambassador of local contemporary music, the ensemble has over 30 premiers and commissions to its credit. Its recordings, both live and studio, have garnered numerous awards for composers such as Julien Robert (Flash Point: 1st prize at the 2013 Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble Competition and 3rd place in the Serge Garant category of the 2014 SOCAN Foundation Awards); Scott Rubin (The Torn Cubist: 2nd prize at the 2013–2014 OSSIA New Music Composition Prize); and Matthew Ricketts (Graffiti’s Song: 1st place in the Serge Garant category of the 2011 SOCAN Foundation Awards). The ensemble has been presented by a number of organizations, including ECM+, the Music Gallery: Emergents Series, the SMCQ, Erreur de type 27, Innovation en concert, and Code d’accès.
Over the years, the group’s efforts have been noted by a number of journalists and music critics. Crystal Chan mentioned the ensemble in a March 2012 Scena Musicale article entitled “Yin/Yang, Montreal’s Musical Entrepreneurs.” The website Bachtrack describes the group as demonstrating “total fearlessness” and “a rare gem … born solely of creative inspiration, [whose] evolution as an up-and-coming musical force is not to be missed.”
Ensemble Paramirabo wishes to thank its loyal partners, along with the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, the SOCAN Fondation, the Conseil des arts de Montréal, and the Canada Council for the Arts for their generous support.

Thin Edge New Music Collective believes that contemporary music is a powerful medium which has the ability to comment and reflect on modern society in a unique and poignant way. Described as “..a unique and exciting formation that fascinates its audiences with a synthesis of utmost precision and unrivaled vitality.”(Michael Quell, Composer -Fulda, Germany), TENMC was founded in 2011 by co-artistic directors, pianist Cheryl Duvall and violinist Ilana Waniuk. Since its inception, TENMC has grown to include 13 of Canada’s brightest emerging performers and is passionately dedicated to supporting their peers through commissioning and performance, bringing innovative and eclectic 20th and 21st century music to audiences both existing and as yet untapped.

TENMC has been responsible for commissioning and premiering numerous compositions by emerging composers from Canada and abroad including 12 more over the course of their 2014/2015 season. In addition to presenting a Toronto based concert series, TENMC has participated in artistic residencies at the Banff Centre and performed on concert stages across Canada including the University of Calgary’s Happening Festival of New Music and Media, as well as been presented by Ottawa New Music Creators, Kitchener Waterloo Chamber Music Society, Open Space Art Society in Victoria, University of Guelph, Music Gallery’s Emergents Series and most recently as part of the NUMUS Emerging Artist Series in Waterloo.  Keys, Wind and Strings, a touring concert project of TENMC, was featured as ensemble in residence at the soundSCAPE festival of new music in Maccagno, Italy in July 2013, and participated in a residency/concert project in July 2014 at Le Pantographe in Moutier, Switzerland.


Meet the Composers:

Patrick Giguère is a composer trying to find his own way in the wide world. He had the chance to work with dynamic performers who never failed to inspire him. Among them are Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, l’Ensemble Paramirabo, Thin Edge New Music Collective, l’Orchestre de la Francophonie and the American Academy of Conducting in Aspen Orchestra. He also received the guidance of fascinating composers whose music and advices have had a profound effect on him, like Éric Morin, Michael Finnissy, Ana Sokolovic, Howard Skempton, John Rea, Chen Yi and Andrew Toovey.Patrick conducts the Ensemble Lunatik, a new music ensemble that he founded in 2009. Since august 2013, he is the artistic director of the new music organization Erreur de type 27 based in Québec City. After completing a Master’s degree in Québec City at l’Université Laval in 2013 and freelancing in Montreal, Patrick is now undertaking a PhD in composition at the Birmingham Conservatoire (Birmingham, United Kingdom). His research and creative projects have been financed by the Fond Québécois de recherche sur la société et la culture (FQRSC) and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ).

Brian Harman is a Canadian composer, performer, teacher and writer. His compositions are frequently inspired by extra-musical ideas such as architecture, dance, human speech and concepts of ritual, and have been performed by such ensembles as Vienna’s Wiener Jeunesse Kammerchor, the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra and Montreal’s Nouvel Ensemble Moderne. He has collaborated extensively with artists in other disciplines (performance artist Nina Arsenault, poet/librettist David Brock, choreographer/dancer Geneviève Bolla, visual artist Danilo Ursini). In 2013 he worked closely with Georges Aperghis at the Impuls Festival (Austria) and was a featured composer in the Soundlab podcast series. His orchestral work Supposed Spaces was selected to be part of Canada’s 2013 submission to World New Music Days, and in 2011 he was a winner in the ISCM International Vocal Music Competition. Brian’s music is published by BabelScores (Europe). He received his Doctor of Music from McGill University in 2012, and is currently the president of the Canadian League of Composers.

Anna Höstman has had her works performed in Canada, China, the U.S., Mexico, the U.K., Italy and Russia. Her one-act opera on dementia with a libretto by P.K. Page was premiered by the Victoria Symphony and broadcast by CBC radio. From 2005-8, Anna was a resident composer of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra. In 2013, she received the Toronto Emerging Composer’s Award to write a quartet for early instruments based on walking 200 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Anna’s recently-completed DMA in composition focused on the chamber works of experimental Toronto composer, Martin Arnold. She studied composition with Gary Kulesha and James Rolfe at the University of Toronto, and Christopher Butterfield and Gordon Mumma at the University of Victoria, where she completed her Master’s degree. In 2014, Anna was the recipient of the K.M. Hunter Award for Classical Music.


Cuatro Esquinas

Thursday,  November 6th, 2014
8pm, Gallery 345
(345 Sorauren Ave, Toronto)

Online in Advance through Be-Mused: $18 regular, $13 senior/student/ arts worker

At the Door: $20 regular, $15 senior/student/ arts worker

Cuatro Esquinas (Four Corners) is a collaborative concert project and cultural exchange featuring members of Thin Edge and visiting special guest artist, Argentinian pianist Laura Ventemiglia. In addition to works by established and emerging composers from both countries including  Marcos Franciosi and Gerardo Gandini from Argentina and Canadian composers Linda Catlin Smith, Mark Molnar and Adam Scime, our program will also feature two new works created especially for this project by Marcos Franciosi (Argentina) and Mark Molnar (Canada).  Rounding out the concert is a new duo for violin and piano by Marcelo F. Lazcano (Chile/USA) and  Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Natural Durations No. 10  for solo piano as well as Daughters of the Lonesome Isle for prepared piano by John Cage.


John Cage (1912-1992) – Daughters of the Lonesome Isle (1945)- prepared piano

Adam Scime (b. 1982)– Homage a Fausto Romitelli (2014)- piano, violin, percussion, saxophone

Marcelo F. Lazcano (b. 1977) – Vis Viva (2014)*-piano, violin, vocals

Mark Molnar – HEX (2014)* -piano 4 hands, violin, sax, percussion


Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)- Natural Durations- no. 10 (2005/2006)- solo piano

Linda Catlin-Smith (b. 1957) – Moi Qui Tremblais (1999) -violin, percussion, piano

Gerardo Gandini (1936-2013) - Viernes santo y lluvioso (2002) [tango]- solo piano

Marcos Franciosi (b. 1973) –Acrílico (2014)* [Acrylic] -piano 4 hands, violin, saxophone, percussion

*world premiere performance

Visiting Guest Artist: Laura Ventemiglia – piano

TENMC Performers:
Cheryl Duvall- piano
Nathan Petitpas- percussion
Chelsea Shanoff- saxophone
Ilana Waniuk- violin

Laura Ventemiglia (Argentina) is a pianist specializing in contemporary music. She began her musical studies at the age of eight and holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from the National University of the Arts in Buenos Aires. From 2002 to 2007 she studied classical repertoire with Aldo Antognazzi and subsequently studied contemporary piano repertoire with Haydée Schwartz from 2007 to 2011. Her passion for contemporary music led her to perform as a soloist and with chamber groups at important concert halls in Argentina. She obtained a postgraduate diploma in XX Century Music at the Conservatory “Manuel de Falla” in Buenos Aires, she is currently working on her graduation thesis: “The piano music of Karlheinz Stockhausen”. In 2011 and 2012 she participated in the “Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice” in the New England Conservatory of Boston (USA), where she had lessons with Steffen Schleiermacher, Stephen Drury and Corey Hamm. In 2013 Laura attended the Stockhausen courses in Kürten (Germany), where she worked intensely on the piano repertoire of Karlheinz Stockhausen with Frank Gutschmidt. In the same year, she participated in the Composition and Performance Exchange Festival of Contemporary Music “Soundscape” at Maccagno, Italy. From 2009 to the present she has taught at the Argentine University of the Arts as an assistant to Professor Haydée Schvartz in Contemporary Music Interpretation.

Cuatro Esquinas was presented with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council


Marcos Franciosi began his studies of composition at the School of Arts - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), pursued further studies at the Universitè Laval of Québec (Canada), followed by the Conservatoire de Musique et d’Art Dramatique of Québec. He is currently professor of Composition at the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQUI), and Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF). He was professor of Music appreciation (IUNA), Contemporary Techniques at the Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Música Contemporánea (CEAMC), and also of Harmony, Counterpoint and Composition at the UCASAL. He has received many awards, among them: Subsidy for the Creation 2002 - Fundación Antorchas, Mention of Honor in the International Prize in Composition 2004 - The Florida State University, and the National Scholarship in Composition 2009 - Fondo Nacional de las Artes, etc. He has received commissions by important institutions, such as: Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón (CETC), Centro Cultural de España de Buenos Aires (CCEBA), Instituto Nacional de Musicología Carlos Vega, Teatro Argentino de la Plata (TACEC), among many others. His works have been premiered by renowned ensembles and performers from Argentina and from abroad. Franciosi received excellent reviews from both the public and specialized press for his chamber opera El Gran Teatro de Oklahoma - The Great Theatre of Oklahoma (commissioned by the Teatro Argentino de la Plata – TACEC 2009-2010). This opera was performed by Ensamble Süden and Nonsense Ensamble Vocal de Solistas, and it is published by Melos Ediciones Musicales. In 2012 it was awarded a Music Theatre NOW prize by the Music Theatre Committee of International Theatre Institute in cooperation with the German Centre of ITI.

Mark Molnar plays strings and electronics with Kingdom Shore, 1/4 Tonne Spike Pitcher (Nick Keupfer and Eric Craven), Generator (John Higney and Jamie Gulliksen), Mice (Bennett Bedoukian and Dave Clark), and in duos and a variety of configurations with Eric Craven, Craig Pedersen, James Annett, David Broscoe, Jamie Gulliksen, Linsey Wellman, and Bennett Bedoukian. He also plays erhu and rebab in Gamelan Semara Winangun. His music has been performed by the Quasar Saxaphone Quartet (Montreal), and the Thin Edge Music Collective (Toronto), and he has written and performed string arrangements for Buried Inside, If Then Do, and Alaskan.He has performed the music of Helmut Lachenmann, John Cage, James Tenney, Arvo Part, Giya Kanchelli, Brian Ferneyhough, Wolf Edwards, and Galina Ustvolskaya. He is the co-founder, along with Nathan Medema and Ross Birdwise, of Pleasure Through Sound, and the Fat-Controller/Minister of Ambient Replenishment at Black Bough Records.

Marcelo F. Lazcano is a Chilean-American composer born in Valparaiso, Chile in 1977. After studying basic music theory in his country of birth, in 1995 he moved to Israel where he performed Chilean music and studied music theory and guitar with studio musician Amit Carmelli. In 1997 he settled in the United States where he studied jazz guitar with virtuoso Rick Zunigar and performed with several bands and artists in the Los Angeles area. His studies in composition began in 2007 when he studied privately with Daniel Kessner; that same year he won the 14th Los Angeles Valley College Composers Competition with his piece Israel, for orchestra. Subsequently he pursued both Bachelor and Master Degrees in Composition at California State University, Northridge where he studied composition with Liviu Marinescu and electronic music composition with Dan Hosken. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in composition from the University of California, San Diego, where he has studied with Philippe Manoury, Roger Reynolds, Rand Steiger, and Chinary Ung. His music has been performed in the US and Europe

As a young composer and performer living in Toronto, Adam Scime has been praised as "…a fantastic success…" (CBC) and "Astounding, the musical result was remarkable" ( His work has received many awards including The Socan Young Composer's Competition, and The Karen Keiser Prize in Canadian Music, The Esprit Young Composer Competition, and the Electro-Acoustic Composer’s Competition hosted by American pianist Keith Kirchoff. His music has been performed by Nouvelle Ensemble Moderne, The Esprit Orchestra, Soundstreams, The Gryphon Trio, Nadina Mackie Jackson, Carla Huhtanen, and l'Orchestre de la Francophonie among others.

In November of 2012, Adam’s work was featured in the Emergents Concert Series hosted by the Music Gallery. In March of 2011, New Music Concerts premiered Adam's new trio, "After the riot." New Music Concerts subsequently commissioned from Adam a piece for ensemble and soprano Carla Huhtanen that premiered in the 2012/2013 season. Adam has been selected for numerous composer workshops including Domaine Forget, The Soundstreams Emerging Composer Workshop, The Vocalypse Opera from Scratch Workshop, The National Arts Centre composer training program, The Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop and the Chrysalis Workshop with the Continuum Contemporary Ensemble among others. Recent projects include commissions for The Esprit Orchestra, and a new 40 minute opera for FAWN Opera. 

Future projects include a tour to China that will include performances of Adam’s chamber piece, “Broken Images,” a new commission for the Array Ensemble for their 2015/2016 season, and a private commission from Mr. Daniel Cooper for violin and soprano to be premiered by New Music Concerts in 2015.  Adam also works frequently as a freelance double bassist specializing in new music. Recent interesting performances include James Tenney's "In a large open space," for Nuit Blanche 2009, Juliet Palmer's massive theater creation "Like an Old Tale," with Jumblies theatre, a tour with the Ontario Festival Orchestra to China, and New Music Concert's "Composers Play" fundraiser. In 2014, Adam performed in the North American premiere of Louis Andriessen’s Anaïs Nin as part of the inaugural 21C New Music Festival. Adam also makes regular appearances performing with the Array Contemporary Ensemble and New Music Concerts.

Unusual Spectrum IV

Sunday, September 28th, 2014
8pm, Array space (155 Walnut Ave, Toronto)

Advance: $18 regular, $13 senior/student/ arts worker
Please click on the link below to purchase tickets:

At the Door: $20 regular, $15 senior/student/ arts worker

Thin Edge New Music Collective is excited to announce the first concert and official launch of our 2014/2015 season.  Unusual Spectrum IV is presented in association with Arraymusic and will take place on September  28th , at the Array Space in Toronto. This concert will showcase the talents of special guest artist guitarist and improviser Nilan Perera as well as an eclectic line up of contemporary chamber music performed by members of TENMC.  Join us for an evening of surprising and fascinating auditory experiences featuring Luigi Nono’s powerful final work "Hay que caminar" soñando  for 2 violins, Alex Mincek’s driving and free-jazz inspired “Colour, Form, Line” for mixed chamber ensemble with voice, and Chaya Czernowin’s show-stopping “Sahaf” for piano, percussion, electric guitar and saxophone.

Premieres IV is presented with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council


Nilan Perera has been a part of the improvised and art music community since the mid '80s starting as the guitarist of choice for the punkfunk/No Wave scene that then infected Toronto .He has performed and recorded with John Butcher, Evan Parker, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Jandek, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Glen Hall, John Oswald,David Toop, Sarah Peebles, Eddie Prevost, Urs Leimgruber, Rainer Wiens, Michael Ondaatje and many others.  His decade+, award winning, association with multidisciplinary artist Susanna Hood has placed him in the vanguard of experimental sound artists working in performance with four major works with Ms. Hood's company hum as well as many other independent dancer/choreographers and theatre companies.Currently Nilan leads the improvising drum/acoustic guitar country band 'faint praise', electric conducted freefunk octet ‘rEDwIREaRCHaNGEL’, and also performs frequently as a soloist and collaborator. Nilan is also a music critic with the national music paper 'exclaim!', facilitator for 'circuit' a national collective of artist - run performance spaces and is chair of the board of directors of the Association of Improvising Musicians of Toronto.

" Perera is an extraordinary musician whose approach to working with sound is always fascinating and mesmerizing: he utilizes preparations of assorted paraphernalia such as swizzle sticks, paper clips, metal brushes and the like, as well as feedback and a variety of electronic effects." - Sarah Peebles -

TENMC Performers:
Stacie Dunlop - voice
Cheryl Duvall – piano
Sarah Yunji Moon- flute
Nathan Petitpas - percussion
Patrick Power- electric guitar
Jacob Armstrong + Chelsea Shanoff- Saxophones
Suhashini Arulanandam + Ilana Waniuk- violins

INTERsection: Music From Every Direction!Presented by Contact Contemporary Music
SEP 5-7th, 2014

“A marathon of sound in the middle of traffic”
Robert Everett Green, The Globe and Mail
Friday, Sep 5, 7:30 pm-Intersection takes over the Tranzac
Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Avenue
Featuring some of the finest young ensembles/performers of contemporary music in Toronto, this multi-room event includes the Toy Piano Composers Ensemble, Thin Edge New Music Collective, Kyle Brenders Quartet, junctQín keyboard collective, and more.

TENMC will be performing at 10pm


Philippe Hurel (b. 1955), Loops - for solo flute (2000)

Sarah Yunji Moon  - Flute

Anthony Thompson (b. 1983)

BetaEarth for Solo Bass Clarinet

   It started with a...
   Gases and Nebulae
   Primordial Oozy
   Or was it Beardy vs The Pitchfork?
   Flying Cars or Anarchist Paradise?

 Anthony Thompson - Bass Clarinet

Gabriel Prokofiev (b. 1975)

Cello Multitracks

Float Dance, mvt III
Tuff Strum, mvt IV

Bryan Holt - Cello

John Cage (b. 1912-1992)

Living Room Music – percussion and speech quartet (1940)

Performers: Nathan Petitpas, Chelsea Shanoff, Cheryl Duvall, Ilana Waniuk


Saturday, Sep 6, 2-10 pm-New Music Marathon and Musicircus
Yonge Dundas Square
The stage is not enough! Join us at Yonge-Dundas Square for a day of performance and interactive installations on stage and spread throughout the square. Robert Everett Green of the Globe and Mail describes the event as “[a] marathon of sound in the middle of traffic.” Crowds will experience a barrage of style and sound from melodicas to 25 saxophones, and from electronics to noise.

TENMC will be performing at 6:00pm


John Cage (b. 1912-1992)

Credo in Us- music for Dance which was made by Merce Cunningham and Jean Erdman

Performers: Cheryl Duvall- piano, Nathan Petitpas- percussion, Etienne Levesque- percussion, Chelsea Shanoff- radio

Frederic Anthony Rzewski (b. 1938)

Coming Together - for narrator and unspecified instruments (1971)

Performers: Olaf Szester- narrator, Cheryl Duvall- piano, Nathan Petitpas- percussion, Anthony Thompson- clarinet, Chelsea Shanoff- saxophone, Dobrochna Zubek- cello, Elizabeth Eccleston-oboe, Sarah Yunji Moon- flute, Ilana Waniuk- violin

Premieres III

June 13th, 2014
8pm Array Space, (155 Walnut Ave)

Featuring New works by
Paul Kerekes, Monica Pearce, Sophie Pope

Adam Scime, Hiroki Tsurumoto, Christopher Reiche
Canadian League of Composers sponsored composer/performer meet and greet

Online in Advance:$18 regular,$13 st/sr
At the Door: $20 regular, $15 st/sr/arts

The Canadian League of Composers (CLC) speaks for the interests of Canadian composers. They offer professional development opportunities and resources to members, including a schedule of suggested commissioning fees, and use advocacy and partnerships to foster an environment in which Canadian art music is highly valued. Please visit for more information.

Premieres III Program:

Paul Kerekes (b. 1988)
Two Canons – for 2 violins (2014)*
Sophie Pope (b.  1988)
O-boe-Ya – for Oboe, Piano, Percussion, and Violin (2014)**
Hiroki Tsurumoto (b.1976)
Code Thumbnails 10 - for Tenor Sax, Percussion, Piano, Soprano and Violin (2014)*


Monica Pearce (b. 1984)
 cognitive dissonance – for Violin, Piano and Amplified springs (Oxblood)*** (2014)*
Christopher Reiche (b. 1983)
Diversions for Voice, Piano, Percussion, Flute, Cello and Violin (2014)*
Adam Scime (b. 1981)
Homage a Fausto Romitelli – for Piano, Baritone Saxophone, Percussion, Violin (2014)*

*world premiere, written for the Thin Edge New Music Collective
**commissioned by the Thin Edge Commissioning Fund
*** instrument invented by Anthony T. Marasco

TENMC performers:

Stacie Dunlop- voice
Cheryl Duvall-piano
Elizabeth Eccleston- oboe
Bryan Holt- cello
Sarah Yunji Moon – flute
Chelsea Shanoff- Saxophones
Michelle Hwu, Nathan Petitpas, Olaf Szester -percussion
Suhashini Arulanadam +  Ilana Waniuk- violins

Presented with generous support from the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian League of Composers and the SOCAN Foundation





Thursday May 8th, 2014, 8pm
Array Space (155 Walnut Ave)
Advanced Tickets:
$18 regular, $13 students/seniors/arts workers
At the Door: $20 regular, $15 students/seniors/arts workers

Featuring Special Guests:
Jason Sharp + Kaie Kellough
Patrick Murray (guest conductor)

Onomatopoeia is a collaborative concert exploring the nature of our relationship to sound and the components of  spoken and musical language, featuring guest artists Toronto-based chamber choir GREX, and Montreal-based Jason Sharp (bass saxophone) and Kaie Kellough (word sound systemizer). Onomatopoeia will include the premiere of two compositions for TENMC and GREX by emerging Toronto composers Elisha Denburg and Tova Kardonne as well as works by Moondog, Meredith Monk, Simon Steen-Andersen, and Udo Kasemets. Jason Sharp and Kaie Kellough will present several works including  Rail, a composition that incorporates language, text-animation, and layers of acoustic and electronic sound.


Udo Kasemets (1919-2014)
Primeku - solos for any number of musicians using any sound-producing means (2004) *

Simon Steen-Andersen (b.1976)
Next to Beside Besides #2 + #4 + #6 + #7 (2003-2005) *

Meredith Monk (b. 1942)
Braid 2  and Core Chant from “Mercy” (2002)**
 “Hocket” from “Facing North” (1992)**

Moondog (b. 1916-1999)
All is Loneliness (ca. 1956)**

Tova Kardonne (b. 1980)
Macrowave (2014)-for vocal octet and chamber ensemble***
I: Falling Action
II: Flowing Consequences
III: Rising Observation

Elisha Denburg (b. 1982 )
Just So Stories (2014) -for vocal octet and chamber ensemble ***
Text by Rudyard Kipling, 1902 (adapted by the composer)
I. The Beginning of the Armadilloes
II. How the Whale Got His Throat
III. The Camel's Hump
IV. The Elephant's Child
V. Epilogue – Chorale


Shape Ship

Written and performed by:
Jason Sharp (bass/baritone saxophone) + Kaie Kellough (word sound systemizer)

*Performed by Thin Edge New Music Collective (TENMC)
**Performed by GREX
***World premiere

TENMC Performers:

Cheryl Duvall-piano
Sarah Yunji Moon-flute
Erika Nielsen Smith-cello
Nathan Petitpas-percussion
Chelsea Shanoff-saxophones
Olaf Szester-percussion
Ilana Waniuk-violin


Sopranos: Felicity Williams, Larissa Koniuk
Altos: Robin Dann, Sarah Jerrom
Tenors: Will Reid, Ryan Brouwer
Bass: Alex Samaras, Ghislain Aucoin

Patrick Murray- conductor

Presented with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council and the SOCAN foundation.


On April 11th, FAWN Opera & New Music presents:
L'homme et le ciel (workshop presentation)
w/ Thin Edge New Music Collective
A world-premiere electro-acoustic opera by Adam Scime and Ian Koiter
April 11, 2014, 8pm
Ernest Balmer Studio*
Admission: PWYC

*Venue sponsored by Tapestry Opera



Through Closed Doors
Friday, February 21st, 8pm
Gallery 345 (345 Sorauren Ave)
Tickets: $20 regular,$15 students/seniors/arts workers, $5 with New Music Passport

Through Closed Doors is not only  the namesake of our concert program  but is also  the title of a new work by Vancouver-based composer Anna Pidgorna for two violins. Featuring a wide array of Canadian composers ranging from emerging to established, Through Closed Doors also includes the premiere of a new work by Anna Höstman and performances of compositions by Ana Sokolovic and Brian Harman.


Anna Pidgorna
The child, bringer of light (2012), solo cello

Ana Sokolovic
Ambient 5 (1994), for 2 violins

Anna Höstman
Linen (2014)*, for piano, cello, and 2 violins


Anna Pidgorna
Through Closed Doors (2014)*, for 2 violins

Brian Harman
Still Life (2013), for solo piano with projected video

Ana Sokolovic
Portrait Parle (2006), for piano, cello, and violin

*world premiere

Thin Edge New Music Collective Performers:
Cheryl Duvall- Piano
Dobrochna Zubek- Cello
Suhashini Arulanandam, Ilana Waniuk- Violins

Presented with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council and the SOCAN foundation.



Unusual Spectrum III: 
Thursday, November 21st, 2013
8pm Array Space (155 Walnut Ave)
Featured Guest Artist: Kathryn Ladano –bass clarinet

An eclectic evening of contemporary chamber music. Unusual Spectrum features guest artist Kathryn Ladano performing improvisations and her own compositions for solo bass clarinet followed by chamber works by George Crumb, Gary Kulesha, and  Colin Labadie.

$20 regular
$15 student/senior/arts workers

presented with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council and the SOCAN foundation. 



6 degrees of Separation:
Join us for a concert featuring works by John ZornAllison CameronPeter HatchLouis Andriessen and the world premiere of a new work by Kyle Brenders. An intriguing program of interrelated sonic experiences establishing links between composer, ensemble and audience through the medium of performance.

Friday, October 25th, 2013
8pm Gallery 345 Toronto
(345 Sorauren Ave)

$20 regular
$15 student/senior/arts worker

Peter Hatch (b. 1957)
Music is a Beautiful Disease (1999)
piano, percussion, cello, clarinet, violin

Louis Andreissen (b. 1939)
Disco (1982)
piano and violin


Allison Cameron (b. 1963)
4 Postcards (2006/7)
piano, clarinet, cello, violin

Kyle Brenders (b.1981)
Stagger and Sway (2013)
piano, percussion, clarinet, cello, violin

John Zorn (b. 1953)
Music for Children (1992)
piano, percussion, violin

Xavier Brosard-Ménard-clarinet, Cheryl Duvall-piano, Nathan Petitpas-percussion, Ilana Waniuk-violin; Dobrochna Zubek-cello           

presented with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council and the SOCAN foundation.     

2012-2013 Season:    

Premieres II

5 newly composed works by emerging composers from Canada and abroad

Molly Fishman, Sally Norris
Chris Thornborrow, Ryan Trew
Huw Webb

Saturday, June 8, 2013, 8pm
Ernest Balmer Studio
9 Trinity Street, Studio 315, Toronto

Sunday, June 9, 2013, 8pm
Button Factory
(Waterloo Community Arts Centre)
25 Regina Street South, Waterloo

$20 regular
$15 students/seniors/arts workers

This concert was presented with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council.


Aigre Douce- New Sweet & Sour Music by Nick Storring and Daniel Brandes
Wedneday March 13th, 5:30 pm
Canadian Music Centre, 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, ON
The 13th Street Winery Piano Series
$15 in advance $20 at the door

Aigre Douce (2013) - Nick Storring
Imitations of Melody (2012) - Daniel Brandes

Ilana Waniuk (TENMC) - violin & auxiliary instruments
Cheryl Duvall (TENMC) - piano & auxiliary instruments
Nick Storring - cello & auxiliary instruments
Brandon Valdivia - melodica, thumb pianos, percussion & auxiliary instruments
Matthew Ramolo - toy piano/ autoharp & auxiliary instruments.



In Between Concert Series
A monthly series exploring new approaches to composition, improvisation and the in-between.

Wednesday March 13th, Music begins at 8pm
$15/$10 @ Arraymusic Studio 155 Walnut
(directions here:

Cheryl Duvall and Ilana Waniuk of TENMC play works by Juan de Dios Magdalenos; Linda Caitlin-Smith and Anna Hostman
Brandon Miguel Valdivia and Kyle Brenders play improvisations; and The Ken Aldcroft Convergence Ensemble performs.

Cheryl Duvall - piano
Ilana Waniuk - violin
Brandon Miguel Valdivia - percussion
Kyle Brenders - winds
Ken Aldcroft - guitar and compositions
Nicole Rampersaud - trumpet
Karen Ing - Alto Saxophone
Scott Thomson - trombone
Wes Neal - bass
Joe Sorbara - drums.



Keys, Wind and Strings:
-Sonic Explorations for Accordion, Flute, Piano + Violin-

Keys, Wind and Strings is a collaborative Canadian concert tour featuring guest artists German accordionist Olivia Steimel, Montreal-based flautist/composer Solomiya Moroz and members of Toronto-based Thin Edge New Music Collective. TENMC founders pianist Cheryl Duvall, and violinist, Ilana Waniuk first met Olivia and Solomiya while attending an artistic winter residency at the Banff Centre in 2012. Unusual instrumentation aside, a mutual passion for contemporary chamber music led to the idea for a collaborative project. Keys, Wind and Strings was conceived with the purpose of fostering the creation and dissemination of two new works by emerging Canadian composers Solomiya Moroz and Anna Pidgorna written for this unique ensemble as well as showcasing 20th/21st century works for mixed pairings within the group.

The Thin Edge is honoured to have been accepted for an artistic residency at the Banff Centre with Olivia and Solomiya where they will spend 2 weeks in January preparing for this project. Keys, Wind and Strings, will kick-start with a performance at Calgary’s Happening Festival of Music and Media on January 21st. Followed by concerts in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto and finally Montreal.

Canadian Tour Dates:

CALGARY- January 21, 8 pm, Happening Festival of Music and Media, Eckhardt Gramatté Hall, $15-$20

VANCOUVER- January 31, 9 pm, 1067 East,
1115b East Hastings, $5
–with guitarist/composer Jeff Younger

VANCOUVER - February 1, 8 pm, CMC Vancouver, 837 Davie Street, $15-20

VICTORIA - February 3, 7:30 pm, Wood Hall, The Victoria Conservatory of Music, 900 Johnson St, $10-$15*
*Presented by Open Space Arts Society

TORONTO - February 10, 3 pm, Gallery 345, 345 Sorauren Ave, $15-$20

MONTRÉAL - February 11, 8 pm, Sala Rosa, 4848 boul. Saint-Laurent, $10-15
–with bass saxophonist/composer Jason Sharp


Anna Pidgorna (b.1985)
Bridal Train (for quartet) (2013)*

Georg Katzer (b. 1935)
SaitenZungenspiel (for accordion and violin) (1992)

Juan de Dios Magdaleno (b. 1984)
Memento Mori (for violin and piano) (2008)

Hope Lee (b.1953)
and the end is the beginning (for solo accordion) (2008-09)


Uroš Rojko (b.1954)
Bagatellen (for accordion and piano) (1999)

Toshio Hosokawa (b.1955)
Lied (for flute and piano) (2007)

Solomiya Moroz (b. 1981)
Cloud Patterns (for accordion, flute, piano + violin) (2013)*

Olivia Steimel - Accordion
Solomiya Moroz - Flute
Cheryl Duvall - Piano
Ilana Waniuk – Violin

* Written for TENMC and Keys, Wind and Strings.
This tour was presented with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Shevchenko Foundation.





Free Form Constructs:
-A juxtaposition of the concepts of freedom and structure-

Free Form Constructs is a collaborative concert between the Thin Edge New Music Collective and Montreal-based saxophonist/composer Jason Sharp exploring the relationship between form, structure and improvisation in contemporary Canadian music. Jason Sharp will perform his new composition for bass saxophone and amplified heartbeat, “Compose Yourself” based on the concepts of Naada Yoga and the Thin Edge will premiere new works by emerging composers Anna Höstman and Fjóla Evans as well as performing Claude Vivier’s classic composition Pulau Dewata, arranged by August Murphy-King.**

Thursday Nov 22 2012
8pm Gallery 345 Toronto (345 Sorauren ave)

Saturday Nov 24 2012
8pm Button Factory Waterloo
(25 Regina Street South)

Sunday Nov 25 2012
7:30pm Artword Artbar Hamilton (15 Colbourne Street)

Tickets: $20 regular, $15 students/seniors/arts workers


Jason Sharp - "Compose Yourself" for bass sax and amplified heartbeat


Fjóla Evans - Dream Logic*
For piano, percussion, violin and electronics

Anna Hostman - Lattice for Violin and Piano*

Claude Vivier - Pulau Dewata
arr. by August Murphy King for flute, piano, percussion, violin.

Sarah Yunji Moon - Flute
Cheryl Duvall- Piano
Olaf Szester- Percussion
Ilana Waniuk-Violin

*Denotes world premiere
**this concert was presented with generous support from the SOCAN foundation.





Unusual Spectrum II:

An eclectic mix of contemporary chamber music presented in a unique and intimate venue.
Works by: Ana Sokolovic, Rose Bolton, Jordan Nobles, Jacob TV, Nick Storring
Featuring: Nick Storring - cello and electronics
Special guest: Nathan Petitpas - percussion

Saturday October 6th, 2012
Placebo Space, 1409 Bloor St. West, apt A
Doors open at 8 pm
Tickets $10 at the door



2011-2012 Concert Season

An Evening of Firsts: The Thin Edge presents 5 newly composed works by emerging Canadian composers:
Margaret Ashburner, Aura Giles, Tova Kardonne, August Murphy-King, and Nick Storring

Thursday, May 24th, 2012
8pm at Gallery 345
345 Sorauren Avenue, Toronto
Tickets $20, $15 Students/Seniors

Sunday, June 10th, 2012
8pm at The Music Room
57 Young Street West, Waterloo

Tuesday,June 12th, 2012
8pm at The Gallery/ Ecclesiax Church
2 Monk Street, Ottawa
*This concert is being sponsored by the Ottawa New Music Creators and will include new works by Maya Badian and Robert Morin*


Soundstreams: Salon 21: Music Matters
Monday, April 16th, 2012
Gardiner Museum

Music Matters! A rare behind the scenes opportunity to share the experience of inspiring emerging musicians.
Soundstreams artistic director Laurence Cherney in conversation with notable Canadian composer Brian Current, and emerging Canadian composer Nick Storring.

 Suhashini Arulanadam and Ilana Waniuk perform Nick Storring's violin duo "A Timid Statment" (2003).


Unusual Spectrum
Works by: Geörgy Kurtag, Tōru Takemitsu, Linda Catlin Smith, Nick Storring, Aura Giles, John Adams, Benjamin Britten, and Roderick De Mann.
Friday, April 6th,2012
Placebo Space, 1409 Bloor St.West, apt A

An eclectic mix of contemporary chamber music presented in a unique and intimate venue.
Special guests: violinist Suhashini Arulanadam, flautist/composer Aura Giles and composer Nick Storring who will be DJing between sets.

Now Series: Kyle Brenders / Brendan Valdivia; Cheryl Duvall / Ilana Waniuk
Sunday, March 25th, 2012
Somewhere There

Kyle Brenders and Brandon Miguel Valdivia perform improvised duos for woodwinds and percussion.
Their work has been recently captured by CDR label Bug Incision

Cheryl Duvall and Ilana Waniuk co-artistic directors of The Thin Edge Music Collective perform works for violin and piano.
Geörgy Kurtag (b. 1926) Tres Pezzi per Violino e Pianoforte, Op. 14e (1979) Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998) Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano (1963), Linda Catlin Smith (b. 1957) With Their Shadows Long (1997).